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Portable Versus Fixed solar panels| Which is worth for you


Portable Versus Fixed solar panels| Which is worth for you

In this article you will know what solar panels are best suitable for your requirement,Solar panels convert light energy absorbed from sun to electric energy and store in batteries

Difference between portable solar panels and Fixed solar panels

The both works upon same mechanism by absorb sunlight and transfer solar light to electric energy Fixed solar panels cant move once they fixed, portable can take to anywhere and used camping to charge laptops,mobiles etc We can easily fold portable solar panels and take with us to anywhere and all its need is sunlight 
There are both advantages and disadvantages are there for both Portable and Fixed solar panels

Advantages of portable solar panels

1. Flexibility

It is one of the best reason to buy portable solar panels we can place solar panels in any direction to capture more sunlight without more work if they are fixed in over roof or any vehicle they were I fixed position and any shadow falling on them can prevent producing electricity, for vehicles then they have to move vehicle against sunlight to capture more sun light,but by using portable solar panels we can easily stand them in any direction to capture more sunlight and handle without more work 

2.Easy Installation

We can install portable solar panels easily By standing solar panels on ground to sunlight by just connecting solar controller to batteries and run wires to solar panels and plug them in that’s it you can set up this within 30 minutes and get maximum amount of power from sunlight by moving panels to sun direction

3. Less cost

To compare with fixed solar panels, portable solar panels are less cost and they are budget friendly when comes to matter performance and working in budget level portable solar panels can produce less energy than mounted or fixed panels but during in travel and camping  at weekends these works great for you to keep charge all over day and even there are competitive portable panels present in market which can produce as same energy of roof mounted panels  which used for RV

4. Add Extra panels

Best option available to portable solar panels were that we can attach easily more panels to get enough required energy and they can be easily moved to roof To get extra needed energy 

Disadvantages of portable solar panels

1. Storage issues

You face storage issues to carry these panels cause there is no separate storage to carry if you using for Rv or to carry anywhere 

2. Unable to use while moving

If you were using portable solar panels for RV,vans,any vehicles there is an chances to lose its plugs connected from panels to battery and everytime they disconnected we have to reconnect them,Theses solar panels should be in steady and non moving place to work properly

3. No protection

Normally the roof mounted solar panels doesn’t face any problems after once they fixed but in case of portable solar panels we have to place them on ground to face against sunlight any animal or person may have chances to fall on it or step on it by mistakely and it cause damage,if you faced your solar panels to sunlight by stand the airflow behind panels make them to fall front side and cause damage easily wherever in Fixed solar panels they cant face this type of problems

4. Time consuming

Portable solar panels was always time consuming to setup each and everytime when we need to charge batteries and we have to move them from stored place to sunlight to high contrast sunlight side frequently upon sun moving and at end those panels should be folded and carefully kept in safe where nobody can step in

Advantages of Fixed solar panels

1. Save money

They save money from paying monthly high electricity bills on an average solar panel lasts for 25-30 years,The energy produced from solar panels will stored in an high end batteries and used for House holds

2. Low maintenance

Solar panels need low maintenance there is no need to use any money for purpose of solar panels maintenance after once installed all it required is enough sunlight to produce energy

3. Eco friendly

Solar panels are eco friendly they never release any gases, radiation,carbon etc…(Environment toxicants)So these are more eco friendly and money savers all we need to do is just clean then when more dust or waste particles present on them

4. Renewable energy

Solar energy is an renewable energy where sun is the source of solar panels to change light energy to electric energy and there is no limit to produce enegry until absence of sunlight and it is highly impossible

Disadvantages of Fixed solar panels

1. High cost for installing first time

During the first installation on solar panels its costly to set up solar panels value in high cost and the energy produced from it stored in an high end batteries which are more costlier and solar batteries are also present in high cost but they lasts for 10-15 years on an average single solar installation on roof of house can makes you get rid of heavy electricity bills through 20-25 years,Buy if you bear first installation of solar panels then there is no need any mainatinance for solar panels they lasts for years without any problem

2. Weather Dependent

Solar panels are weather dependent there is no use of installing solar panels with money at place where is no sun light or low light areas,If any area that presents 70% time in a week is covered with clouds then there is no use in installing or using solar panels thereIt’s also depend on your house area and location if any shadow of big trees or cell towers anything that falls shadow in your house and distract sun light for more time then they can’t produce maximum energy due to shadows The solar panels more sunlight exposure they produce more energy and less intensity of light they produce low energy

3. Use more panels to get more energy

If an area has more intensity of sunlight then there less panels can produce high energy in areas with less intensity we need more solar panels to produce more energy The time when input energy of solar panels is less then the using energy then we need more panels to to attach to get higher required energy

4. Problems faced after installing

We may face some problems after installing solar panels there may be leakage of energy,cracks formed,after the installation of solar panels to roof the wires which taken from them to house by making holes in roof should be closed properly cause during rainy day the leakage of water may causes through it.


Which are better portable solar panels or fixed Solar panels

The both have different prons and cons Portable solar panels are better for campers which these can helps them to keep charged their devices throughout day,Fixed solar panels are better for House holds and they works great in saving electricity bill throughout years after installation

The portable solar panels can be used I wide range of appliances they also used in making portable solar cookers,ovens,water heaters and even used for caravans and travel vehicles they also mostly used in wide boats
If you have any questions and opinions please leave them on below comment box 


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