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Fix Snapchat Black Screen Problem In IPHONE,IPOd,IPAd,IOS

You Can Fix Snapshot Black Screen Problem by   You can easily fix Snapchat back camera and black screen by following these 4 steps  1. Clearing Data Go to app icon and them long press and hold for two seconds them go to app info,then Storage usage and it shows you the app data and cache data clear the both app data and cache data and try to open again by loging in with your account info 2. Force Restart  Even if your Snapchat doesn't opening or force stopping or having same problem of black screen,now try to force restart your mobile by long time pressing on power button and volume down button until it's switch off and on again now try to open ant ot will fix your problem  3. App Update  Even after restart if it doesn't resolve your problem check for an update in store of it has don't do directly fro store update, first you need to uninstall present version app and try to install again from store,sometimes even updating directly from store it may n

High Profit Photography Business Ideas in India

These are the high Profit Photography Business Ideas in India: 1. Wedding Photography Wedding Photography in India has the biggest market on average 31,000 - 33,000 weddings takes place in a day starting as wedding photography has great opportunities,at beginning start small functions and events in your family and take some photos with impressive way and ask them to get a deal for you from their next program,then expand your network from relatives to your village by showing samples it takes times to reach but definitely it's posible to get more wedding photography contacts with your expansion of work,Use new technology like latest drones,best lights adn great quality impressive shots,An average weeding photographer in India earns up to 4 lakhs per years 2. Event Photography Event Photography give you many ways to earn not only from wedding make a team up with your buddies or partners and start a Event Photography it's the best way to earn more money make a deal wi

How to Fix Realme C3 Touch Lag,Multi Touch problem| A Helpful Guide

You can fix Realme C3 Touch Lag,Multi Touch problems:  1. Clean your mobile storage atleast keep half storage free  Always keep your mobile storage free atleast half of your internal storage, if  64gb then make sure to have 14gb free space and then 124gb 24gb free is minimum needed,while your mobile had increased storage usage it shows its effect on mobile performance,so make sure to have half storage free atleast to get maximum mobile Performance. 2. Never use mobile while charging Stop using mobile while in Charging mode It is normal for any mobile while charging internal mobile have strong electric field which makes your touch response non response or delay and its even not safe for your batter while using on charging it decreases your battery life  3. Always use updated Apps from store  Touch response may be also lags due to old version not updated app usage,if you facing lag during using particular app then go to store and once check either app got any update if got