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PUBG & COD Lag Fix Android | MIUI 11 Secret Settings| Game Driver

PUBG & COD Lag Fix android | MIUI 11 Secret Settings,Game Driver Many of the mobiles face problems while playing heavy games like pubg amd cod on android mobile  Lets know how to fix lag in MIUI 11 mobiles like xiaomi,redmi and poco mobiles,Apply these settings to your android and you never face any lag Open your default security app and at the bottom you can see game booster feature now add game  app pubg or COD by using plus icon on the top After adding game to game booster now you see settings gear option at top right side beside plus icon go to settings gear option on by default now game turbo is in on mode ,now go to performance mode and enable it ,by enabling performance mode it can improve game performance and increases smoothness while playing pubg or COD Now at the bottom of gear settings you can see additional settings,go to additional settings there you can see the added game either pubg or COD ,select the game and open now you see many touch response

Download Pixel 4 Google Camera Gcam 7.3 A Helpful illustration guide | For all mobiles | Download

Download pixel 4 Google camera Gcam 7.3 A Helpful illustration guide | for all mobiles | Download Pixel Cam 7.3 GCam is the most advanced modes camera for mobiles it gives perfect HDR pictures with high quality images  Upto now it's the best Gcam cause it gives the detailed picture quality I have ever seen we can also modify settings to get best picture If your mobile enabled from camera to Api it's the best Gcam in present all of the Gcams , you can download it by Google it in XDA developers,after downloading pixel cam uninstall if you had installed any other Gcam before and install pixel cam otherwise it pixel cam will not installed Settings for detailed picture quality After installing pixel cam Gcam 7.3  on opening it asks for some 4 permissions allow all of them  At the top of the screen middle you seen an reverse arrow click on it you seen now some options like flash ,Google AWB shield be kept in off, timer your wish and screen ratio for better

Covid-19:Hydroxychloroquine Uses | Side effects

Covid-19:Hydroxychloroquine Uses | Side effects Uses of chloroquine Hydroxychloroquine is a crystalline powder soluble in water and partially soluble in alcohol,Chloroform and ether.hrdroxychloroquinine is also known as antimalarial drug like chloroquine,Hydroxychloroquine is used to treat malaria,Rheumatoid arthritis,chronic discoid lupus Erythematosus and system lupus erythematosus These drugs binds to parasite nucleoproteins and prevent formation of protein which is major for all requirements for parasite to alive,they interact with stabilisation of lysozomal activity,and also alter in ph level,supress T-lympocyes. Many countries were thinking hydroxycholoroquine is medicine to cure for covid-19,at primary stage of corona treatment along with hydroxychloroquine had makes people recover more fastly than the normal,it's helps to get releif from cough and also has anti inflammatory properties but using hydroxychloroquine for secondary and third phase patients m

Covid-19 Can Transfer Through 5G | Truth Behind it

Covid-19 Can Tranfer Through 5G | Truth Behind it .  No, according to International telecommunications union(ITU) and UN's agency for information and communications there is no chance in transferring of covid-19 through 5G radiation . The present fastest internet is 5G which is 100 times faster than the present 4G with the latest 5G technology  wherever 4G gives an 100 Mbps per second 5G can gives 10 gigabits per second In Europeon country on august 19 they started 5G broadband services People believing blindly those conspiracy theory which the covid-19 can transfer through 5G radiation and started to posting many videos on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube withouth knowing the facts Scientifically there is zero percent to transfer covid-19 through radiation which it's  scientifically and biologiy impossible the covid-19 doesn't tranfer through 5G radiation People should have to think about their personal health how to be healthy and what types o

How to Boost your Immunity Power in body Naturally

How to boost your immunity power in body naturally Immune system makes a person to keep healthy,immune system consists of cells,tissues,organs and proteins they fight against the foreign particles enter our body like bacteria,virus Which causes diseases/infection There are many ways to increase immune system with naturally  1 Eat healthy foods like more  2 Leafy vegetables 3 Citrus fruits 4 Garlic 5 Spinach 6 Almonds 7  Ginger 8 Broccoli Sleep well immune system will increase their function of we sleep as much as time can be possible If you were addicted to smoke better to take steps to stop smoking cause smoking will effect immune response system To increase immunity eat more healthy fats like  1 cheese 2 dark chocolates 3 whole eggs 4 Fatty fish 5  chiaseeds 6 extra virgin olive oil...etc Among all of them avocados are rich in calories and more fat than in animal foods Do exercise 4-5 days in a week not extremely an

5 Ways to Earn Money Online in 2022 From Home.

HOW TO EARN MONEY ONLINE There are many ways to earn money from online have you ever think about data entry works and capcha, some of them tried and going to fill many files and capcha works those works were maximum scam,don't try to stick with those data works and capcha entry works save your time and energy. Today you were going to know about most legal and profitable 5 online earning ways that works 100% in 2022 TOP 5 ONLINE MONEY EARNING WAYS: These were the top 5 money earning ways in 2020  YOUTUBE FREELANCER BLOGGING AFFILIATE MARKETING ONLINE TUTOR YOUTUBE Now a days many of the people stating their YouTube own channel for andt passion and its turning to their job for online earning. To start a YouTube channel first you have to select what's about your channel and what information can you give best to people There are many topics you can open YouTube  you can start upon topics like newly mobile launched details,daily u

Best Gcam 7.2 for All Realme Mobiles Realme x, Realme XT,Realme Ui,Realme 3 pro ,realme 5pro

BEST GCAM 7.2 FOR ALL MOBILES *Gcam is the most powerful and modified app for Android mobiles that supports with processor Snapdragon and Exynos but not in mediatek and Kirin processors. *They give accurate potrait mode with HDR+ quality which makes photo with incredible at most on android. * Today we will learn about the installation and usage of best Gcam that supports on all redmi and real me mobiles,trcamera . Trcamera * You can download trcamera file by searching trcamera then install through XDA forms. *Installation is easy one you have downloaded the file you have to first enable download apps from unknown sites in your settings and open the download file which install app. *Now we have to set many settings manually to get the required high quality pics. *Trcamera gives you better dynamic and HDR+ photos with an in-depth details it also can gives best pics even on low-light conditions. *There are many gcams present but all of them were not inst