Best Gcam 7.2 for All Realme Mobiles Realme x, Realme XT,Realme Ui,Realme 3 pro ,realme 5pro


*Gcam is the most powerful and modified app for Android mobiles that supports with processor Snapdragon and Exynos but not in mediatek and Kirin processors.

*They give accurate potrait mode with HDR+ quality which makes photo with incredible at most on android.

* Today we will learn about the installation and usage of best Gcam that supports on all redmi and real me mobiles,trcamera .


* You can download trcamera file by searching trcamera then install through XDA forms.

*Installation is easy one you have downloaded the file you have to first enable download apps from unknown sites in your settings and open the download file which install app.

*Now we have to set many settings manually to get the required high quality pics.

*Trcamera gives you better dynamic and HDR+ photos with an in-depth details it also can gives best pics even on low-light conditions.

*There are many gcams present but all of them were not installed and will not work properly.

*Hence the trcamera is the only gcam along with 7.2 version works on almost all the redmi and real me mobiles.

*Gcam gives you the most powerful features at your finger tips for best settings we have to change them manually cause every mobile can't be given the same result with the same type of settings.

*We have to change settings according to the processor and pixel  type support to get better dynamic range picture.


Trcamera settings

*On opening the app at the top of middle you can see  settings option where you have to set HDR enhanced to HDR+ option

*Now set RAW image to both raw and jpeg enable.

*Screen ratio can be set to your priority ,in my choose 4:3 is better.

*Now you hove to go through settings and enable HDR+ which it's always be in HDR mode and take pics.

*Enable camera sounds,save location,google lens suggestions and frame hints which makes you hints for taking best photos.

*If you want to take best photos for night you have to enable Astrophotography which it also makes to take night phots of pics.

*To take best Astrophotography photos you have to place an mobile at stable position try to take photo it takes about two minutes .
*Enable both light painting button and 

*now enable shoe exposure button to know the exposure time for best result.

*enable compensation button Addsan on/off exposure  compensationbuttonto theviewfinder for faster access When the button is active, the value you set fromthe settings is used.

*focus tracking button and AWB select button should me enable to focus tracking and video finder for fast.

*Number of frames in the enhanced HDR + to 15

*Also enable the following for best in settings shown in following image

*Make sure you have to be in disable of ultra  high resolution 4k videos and timelapse mode.

*Video stabilisation should be enabled to 60fps for best video and you can easily notice the stability difference between normal cam video and gcam,it's more better than normal camera.

*Disable store videos efdiciently mode


*Use Pixel AWB Mod from phone

*Exposure Compensation  0.2

*Fix tint on front camera should be (64fps)off


*Disable Hexagon DSPP should be enable.

*Disable zoom should be enable while taking on potrait shots cause it may effect on the final processed image.

*For Astrophotography you have to set an exposure time for max picture quality and best results make sure it should be the mim 1:30sec time for best results.

*For an auxillary camera enable the both second and third camera.

*That it now you have the best modification settings for gcam for a great result pics,these are the some of the pics taken from trcamera.

*It's comes with an most advanced gcam 7.2 with Astrophotography.

*if your pics were in reddish or pale go to settings model settings for front camera change if it's in nexus 5x to 6x and vice versa or 6x to 5x.

*If you got problem in colour go to pixel awd mode and change to pixel 3 or pixel 2

* Mostly redmi mobiles works on pixel 3 mode and real me mobiles on pixel 2 .

*Gcam is better than camera's default Camera application. However, Google Camera does not support all the features of your smartphone, such as additional cameras (ultra wide angle, zoom, etc.).

* many of the people intrested in taking pics with better pics and ultra clear with an in-depth details of picture gcam is the best option for their usage.

*Google camera is most popular because the potrait pictures in single pixel cam mobile can take more lense blur picture with in-depth details than normal two camera mobile .

*There are many types of Google cameras are present for androids but all gcams cannot be supported to the every mobile inthe mean while they were developed to the most powerful one hence the old model mobiles cannot be installed new gcams gue to their unsupported format.

*The gcam versions may include gcam 7/7.1/7.2 like and there also most powerful gcams like hyper gcam but which they cannot support some features of gcam but gives more efficient pics than gcam.


*Many of them unable to install gcam due to folder creation problem settings for upto gcam version 7 before installing you have to create an folder named GCAM .

*Inside gcam folder you have to create configs name folder and now install the app if autoforced the app while opening once restart your mobile and try again to fix it.

*If you install the gcam later version than gcam 7 includes above gcam 7.1/7.3/7.3 in the same Gcam folders you have to create folder configs7 instead of configs folder and install app if app force closed then restart your mobile and open to fix crash while opening problem.




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