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[GCAM 9.3] Google Camera For all MediaTek Helio G95, G90T,G85,P80,P70,P60 Devices | Complete Illustrated Guide

 [GCAM 9.3] Google Camera For all MediaTek Helio G95, G90T,G85,P80,P70,P60 Devices|Complete Illustrated Guide

In this article you will learn how to install [GCAM 9.3] Google camera in all MediaTek Helio G95, G90T,G85,P80,P70,P60 processor Devices,A complete helpful illustrated Guide

What is [GCAM] Google camera ?

A GCam is a powerful App for mobile cameras developed by Google, we can configure settings of each and every detail capture of camera  like contrast,zoom,HDR+,Potrait mode and Night Sight photography and many more, It also allows you to take pictures at night with great capture by using Astro Photography and makes you to capture amazing steady videos even on moving with greater stability

Why GCAM is Better than Stock Camera ?

GCam is 1000 times better than Stock Camera because GCam helps you to take better dynamic,HDR+ images with Indepth detailed view which makes GCam more difference from stock Camera,This makes everyone to install and use GCam in their mobiles than using Stock camera,There are also several mods available by developers

Still now there are many GCams present for Snapdragon processors but MediaTek processor users were unable to install any GCam in their mobiles,someone even tried to install many google cameras but they will Forcestop and doesn't work

If you were Using the MediaTek processor Device then Searching for GCam then you were in the correct place to Install Latest GCAM 9.3 App for your device

Changes to made in mobile before Installing [GCAM] Google Camera

Before installing GCam you have to go to settings then find security and click on it in Security settings scroll down and Enable Unknown source installation,By enable it will allow you to install GCAM app without any problem otherwise GCam will not install in your device

After changing above setting now you were ready to install GCAM in your MediaTek mobile.

How to Download and Install [GCAM 9.3] Google Camera App on MediaTek Devices

Now you have to download the latest GCam google camera app along with XML file,you have many questions what is XML file an XML file is an settings file for an GCam application that you can make all settings with an one single tap using XML file 

 Download GCAM 9.3 and XML File

Download the both above Apk and XML file and now install the GCAM apk and open it,If you were facing any problem like Forcestop after installing then once restart your device and gcam app will open without any problem

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 This GCam will be in default settings configuration we have to configure all settings manually by going to each and every setting like contrast ,HDR+ values , GCAM mode for front and Back cameras,Exposure options and many more 

Don't worry here I'm to save your time I already done all for you,you just have to do single tap and all GCam settings will be changes to perfect configurations,it can be done by using XML File

After installing GCAM app go to settings and scroll down there you can find the "Save XML" setting tap on it and name anything to it in my case I named as ABC and saved 

After saving this file now it will create two folders in internal storage named "gcam" and in gcam folder "Configs7"file will be created

Now go to downloads or downloaded XML file and copy and paste "Everydaytechvams.xml" file to Configs7 folder and now you work almost completed 

Open GCam app and now tap on the space present in between middle and right side circles like shown below

On tapping in between the middle circle and right circled it will shows you the XML files present in your Configs7 folder like below

Now press on the config selection option and it will shows the present XML files now select "Everydaytechvams.xml" File from them 

After selecting the Everydaytechvams.xml file now click on restore and all settings will be present XML file will settled automatically which will set perfect configurations to your GCam 9.3 

Now you can use your GCam normally in any mode like potrait,camera mode ,nightsight,microlens,wide angle shots 

Here are some of the pictures you can see how sharp with indepth detailed photos can be captured using,you can see the edge cutting super indepth detailed captured photo

Night Scape 

I am pretty sure that Night Sight mode in gcam will amaze you with its performance you can capture great view photos in night mode here is the sample pic of night sight captures in GCAM


You can also capture stars by using Astro mode in gcam to do Astrophotography just select Astrophotography and fix your mobile to sky without shaking and make capture but it takes 2-3 minutes to capture Astrophotography photo

Note: If you were shaking or kept mobile in moving object Astrophotography never works it takes normal night sight photo if your mobile shaky or moving cause astrophotography in gcam can possible only if your mobile is steady and fixed place

Super Stability 4k Video

On video mode you can shoot videos at 4k with an excellent stability you can shake you can easily known the difference in between videos captures on stock Camera and gcam,the super steady mode while mobile can capture best videos on GCam 

I have given you the perfect settings you have to no need to change anything buy If you were facing any problem on front camera photo captures or back camera photo captures then you can go to settings and there you can see camera mod setting 

In that your back camera model is selected  with pixel 4 XL change that to pixel 4 it can fix of you were facing any issue on back camera captured pictures for better in depth detailed picture if you were facing any problem on front camera picture then you can set model front camera to pixel 2 from pixel 3 it will fix your problem 

Google camera app powered with an android devices that present Snapdragon processors perfectly,the above GCAM 7.3 is an advanced mod app which makes install and use in MediaTek processor Devices

These are the most questions asked by people

Does GCam available in playstore ?

No GCam is an mod apk which it usually comes with pixel mobiles and these mobile apk will rebuild to use in other non pixel android devices you can get these apps from several websites but not present in playstore cause it's an mod ap, playstore never give permission to those type apps to be placed 

Is GCAm safe or not ?

I can say absolutely yes in my community there are thousands of people has been using various GCams which download and installed from XDA developers even one person still now says any thing that they faced about malicious or hacked 

Why GCAM not Installing or not Working Properly ?

This problem can be faced if installed unsupported GCam version in your android,there are many different versions and different mods for each am every android we have to select and install only after confirming does this app have support to my device model or not it not supported don't waste your time and data 

For example the GCAM in article will perfectly installed and works pretty good cause this is the one of GCam supported for all MediaTek processors but when you tried to install Snapdragon processor supporting GCam then that app won't install in your device and like vice versa on Android 

Some gcam apks can install but not work fully they have only some controls working like only back camera not working front cam so better uninstall of gou facing this problem,this may occurs due to unsupported processor to that apk

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them on below comment box 😊

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  1. I have oppo f9 which has mediatek p60 processor but gcam doesn't work and crash automatically any solutions???

    1. This GCam works on P60 processor too try once with above all instructions and notify me if any problem you face👍

    2. The app doesn't work on my oppo f9 please I need to try astrophotography mode

  2. works very well on my realme x7 pro, thank you so much, this is the only gcam that works this well on my x7 pro, although i still can't use the nightmode, but that's ok

  3. 👍👍👍keep checking our website to know about new GCams

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks for stopping at my Everydaytechvams for GCam👍

  5. Nightsight feature not working on my realme narzo 20

  6. I am cannot open night sight or slow motion app crashes plz help I want use night mood
    Realme 6i
    Mediatech G80

  7. why on the Realme 7 cellphone (Mediatek G95t) when opening night view mode it always forces close! help me please

  8. why on the Realme 7 cellphone (Mediatek G95t) when opening night view mode it always forces close! help me please notufy me


    1. I have the same problem. Plus fast and slow motion do not work.

  9. I have nokia 5.1 plus with p60 processor and without camera 2api so this gcam will work.

  10. Sorry why in my galaxy a31 not work

    1. You have to uninstall if any GCam installed in your phone other than this above gcam

  11. It does work on my MTK MediaTek Helio G80
    What should I do??

  12. It's showing it has been crashed in Oppo f11

  13. Are these fit for Redmi 9 with M-Tek G80

  14. Are these fit for Redmi 9 with M-Tek G80

  15. I have Infinix zero 8 but it's not working on it,
    Any solution?

  16. It's not working realme nazro 30a🥺 when I shoot a photo, camera off automatically, please help me for solving this problem...

  17. No me funciona en mi Samsung A32 2021 abro y se cierra de inmediato

  18. Hi Dear,

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