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What Is De-Googled Phone And It's Working|A Complete Illustrated Guide

What Is De-Googled Phone And Its Working|A Complete Illustrated Guide

A De-Googled phone is based on Android open source project or AOSP and it also has some software and drivers provided by the phone manufacturer or OEM but the final step that turns it into a Google Android is missing which is called gaps

There are no Google services,Google apps or an actual Google Play Store for those new to this i will explain what you get is basically a regular Android phone that can run most apps

But the phone itself does not talk directly to Google HQ Google does not know who owns the phone who's using it and even what phone it is

There are also other things that automatically stop because there's no Google services there's no 24/7 location tracking using Wi-Fi scanning there's no telemetry of app usage no contact tracing and there's no Google ID 

Finally there is no device fingerprint off the device associated with you that can be acquired by Google the benefits of this are tremendous here we can use the phone without the feeling that someone is Always watching and logging our activities

This is one of the greatest solutions to privacy that I can come up with other than dumping your mobile phone if you need to have a privacy phone this is the only answer for now that is extremely functional as a daily driver 

Some Linux mobiles are being worked on and soon those two will be options but at the moment they require some waiting 

These Are The Most Common Things You Have To Know Before Getting De-Googled Phone:

1. What Do You Lose When You Use De-Googled phone

After all giving up on Google will have a lot of effects will this seriously impact usability I will be as accurate as I can with the experience and the problems you will expect so there will not be any surprises at the end of the article

You know some rules that will help you retain privacy while using the phone first when you turn on the De-Google Phone you will notice that you will not have ever logged in it doesn't ask for a phone log in

This is extremely key without login the phone cannot be associated with your email address specifically now many apps will ask you for your email address but those apps will not be able to associate whatever email address they receive to this specific device

In fact it's better this way if you have 5D Google phone with an email client on the phone and use the same email on it and from the same location no one not Google or any other will be able to distinguish the phone

The carrier can distinguish between the phones because of the SIM card and IMEI number but they do not have a matching identity to connect it to activity this is really an important lesson that I always impart relating to privacy privacy is achieved by managing our identity

It's often not necessary to have secrecy and this form solution achieves that and your goal to achieve privacy is to prevent your devices or apps it's from connecting activities outside of what you entitle a particular app to know 

By the way privacy can never be accomplished on an iPhone never and this is because Apple keeps tight control over each phone and has a clear device fingerprint 24/7 location and a matching identity at all time the Apple ID, So if some of you think you can achieve this with IOS it would be impossible

A mobile phone collects a lot of information like location by Wi-Fi triangulation location by GPS movements and locations by the IMU sensor cameras, microphones, fingerprint, facial recognition and so on

The De-Google phone is capable of collecting the same information by preventing the centralized collection of this data index to a known identity then the data becomes meaningless and becomes disinformation

The centralized controllers of phone information are Apple and Google when you go De-Googled you are basically a free agent you get to decide if you will allow any Central authority to collect your data and this will depend on what apps you installed

There are many flavors of the De-Google phones De-Google phone is officially just called AOSP with no gaps and they are also called Android custom roms 

The most popular flavor is lineage OS and there are other specialized AOS be like graphene OS,Copperhead OS,E Foundation,calyx or west or even just a plain vanilla AOSP GSI, which is a completely unmodified AOSP

2. Privacy Benefits Of De-Googled phone

The Privacy benefits i explained before applied to all of these they're all good to me and you will find that some of these ROMs will cluster around particular phone models that they specialize in and they are open source since they are all based on open-source AOSP

3. Will The Phone Service Be Affected By Being The De-Google

The answer is no the reason is that the software drivers for the cell basaband modem is provided by the OEM or phone vendor so in a AOSP each phone retains an oem area on the phone which Remains unmodified by a new custom ROM

So the only things Modified by a custom rom are the system files,Bootloader,Recovery module and whatever apps they add to the original AOSP System files

It is possible that a phone has had an update to the OEM software over the years and an older custom ROM May restore an older OEM software version

So some bug fixes may get undone normally a custom rom has two controls to prevent this because downgrading of an Android version is not usually allowed least not easily it can still be done graded by using the official stock ROM of the vendor

4. What Google Apps Can I Use On A De-Googled phone 

Any apps provided on a standard Google phone is gone there is no Google Drive, Google photos,Gmail app, YouTube,Google Play Store,Chrome so you can do a Google search from the built-in browse whichever browser if you want installed like DuckDuckGo

Waze which is a Google app used to work but now it appears to use Google Maps rather than its own map so it stopped working recently So I don't think anything that comes from Google works anymore

 However, just about everyone of this can be replaced by some other app just a couple of quick examples you can use new pipe as an alternative to viewing YouTube videos on new Pipe don't actually log in to YouTube so new pipe keeps Subscriptions only internally it's not shared

You can use K9 email from viewing your Gmail email you can use your own next Cloud Server to handle contacts,calendars ,files and photo sharing have a video on using next clouds if you're relying on Google apps and services for a lot of your data needs you need to rethink this carefully it is not good for you 

5. Can I Install Any Other My Favourite Apps On De-Googled Phone

Yes, I would say that 90% of the common apps you'd like to use will work on a De-Google phone as long as the phone has two additional apps that are included these apps are a Aurora store it is a Google Playstore spoofer and Micro G which is a Google notifications and Google Maps spoofer

The Aurora store takes actual app from the Google Play Store and spoofs your identity by creating a throwaway made up Google ID so the app still come from the Play Store However, the Play Store doesn't know who is downloading the app where an app is installed 

It requires to use of some Google services like Haitians and Google Maps what it does is to contact the Google Firebase servers using the Google service on the phone 

MicroG acts like a Firebase module by listening to these Google service request and then without any Google app installed on the phone, it will forward the notification or map request to Google Firebase servers

So Google still gets the request for notifications but microG provides an anonymity layer since there is no google ID on the phone 

What you will find in real life is that 90% of the apps you download from the Google Play Store will work just with these two modules installed Aurora and microG both of these by the way have to be configured properly before you download the apps 

Still some apps will say it detects that Google services are not installed and gives you a warning message in most cases i'd say 90% of the time everything works even with the warning message

For example you will get a warning message with WhatsApp,Facebook,Uber and signal but everything still works then 10% of the time apps will not work at all

6. Why Some Apps Not Work In The De-Googled Phone

De-Googled phone can be designed to be Standalone meaning they don't use any external services and run on the phones themselves but usually most apps require some external Google services and that is what just them to fail 

The three most necessary Google services are notifications,Google Maps,in-app purchases and payments in addition Some apps do not build their own back-end infrastructure and rely on Google cloud 

These Services could include databases,Google Drive, Gmail and other programming tools this whole infrastructure is part of Google's Firebase generally speaking only a small Image of apps rely on a Firebase back-end most big apps have their own back-end infrastructure

But definitely any app that requires extensive Firebase features will fail because there is no Google connection to sustain it my critique and fake the notifications and Google Maps so apps needing only those will not fail thoug they may show a warning message

There is no way an apple work if it requires some sort some games and all paid apps cannot work there is no way to spoof the payment so this is easy to think about thus the app function without an in-app purchase is the app free If so, then it will likely work

7. Is It Possible To Use De-Googled Phone With Zero Connection To Google

Using any app from the Google Play Store even a fused or Aura means that there's still some conversation going on between In the phone and Google through that app It may be using a spoofed identity but the traffic is still there for those wanting complete abstention from Google 100% the solution is to use only the f-droid store

8. What Apps Do I Use For Navigation Or GPS In De-Googled phone

This is a very common question because a lot of people use ways on their phones until recently ways worked on a De-Google phone I don't know but the maps no longer display it doesn't show any error messages or maybe Google just wants to make sure that we don't get any advantage on a De-Googled 

You can use Osman or open street maps and navigation the maps come from open source in a community of people contribute to making it accurate it work well and it's an attractive app It doesn't work like waves with all its outsource social tracking 

But I'll give that up for privacy any day any independent GPS app that has its own Maps works For example for boating you can use Navionics by their own Maps the GPS works perfectly

So the issue isn't that the GPS is affected by the custom ROM it is not the issue is only the map and whether or not microG can spoofed the map use sometimes it can work with my Ecology and sometimes not may be microG has to do some more evasion on its use of Google Maps 

9. Double Battery Life 

yes in a positive way I have found that without Google services the battery life doubles typically phones last two days or close to two days on a standard battery this should give you a hint of some of the extra activities that may be happening when Google services are running and how extensive it is

10. What Google Services Do And Drain Battery

What do you think Google services are doing that takes up so much power the problem is that we don't know exactly what Google services does since the code is proprietary, but we can extrapolate from what Google says 

One of the things that a Google phone does is collect the Mac addresses and GPS locations and signal strength of every Wi-Fi router in existence this applies a database for Or Wi-Fi triangulation now since this is associated with your Google ID and this becomes an automatic 24/7 location database of every phone 

We can believe this is part of the Wi-Fi scanning feature this is also tied to the Wi-Fi probe feature which searches for routers independent testers have found that the Wi-Fi probes occur multiple times a second on a Google Android 

The second thing that I believe happens in newly updated Google Android's is that the bluetooth contact tracing code is there knowing how this operates it would be a common sense assessment that Bluetooth must go into hyper active mode to allow contact tracing versus the old way 

where it kind of sits quietly until you activated the app Telemetry and the constant checking for notifications must also mean that the phone has to check in with Google quite frequently absence that don't need to Use notifications don't need this constant network connectivity so going to De-Google has immediate benefits 

11. What About Contact Tracing Of De-Googled Phone

Contact tracing was added to Google services are on May 2020 It requires that data be sent to Google and the code is proprietary and it is not in AOSP means De-Googled phone cannot have contact tracing 

Older Androids that are not updated it will also not have contact tracing and those De-Google phones that have not installed an update not have contact tracing but it will be irritating because at some point security updates will require you to update a standard Google Android 

Going De-Google you can receive the security updates but no contact tracing code will be added since that's part of gaps and gaps as not in a De-Google phone 

12. What Measures To Do To Maintain Privacy On De-Googled Phone 

The main threat to a fault is identity so we Safeguard our privacy by identity management there are pieces of data that can connect your activities on the internet and by preventing these data connections we can disappear 

Examples of these are your IP address,email address and location so these pieces of data are given too many apps and some other apps are even more dangerous because they find some sort of fingerprint 

The most scary apps to use in a phone are any of the Facebook apps this includes WhatsApp and Instagram, so I highly recommend that you don't install those on a phone that you allow location to be tracked very sparingly deny permission to most apps unless you need it for that moment 

You don't have to worry about Osman though for navigation if not home i don't think the IP address will be a threat but at home you should use Tor or a VPN if you are on your home Wi-Fi

The other thing is to partition your emails in your social media emails are different from the ones that have your real identity other than these tips if an app works I don't think you have to fear using it if you have a choice choose an Fdroid App instead of store version of the app 

13. How To Transfer Phone Service To A De-Googled Phone

It is eally simple just moved a SIM card over as long as it's the same size usually Nanos the common size now you don't even have to talk to the carrier 

This is true as long as the phone it's compatible with the network in the USA. You have to know in advance if your phone is GSM or CDMA or both T-Mobile and AT&T ir GSM and Verizon and Sprint or CDMA all International carriers are GSM

In general all International phones work with gsm,only USA phones work with CDMA you can even activate a new service on another phone and move the SIM card over to a De-Googled phone 

14. How To Get A De-Googled Phone

You can De-Google your own phone if you have the skills for example you can follow the instructions on It can be time-consuming and risky you can break your phone if you make a mistake

In general you cannot De-Google a new phone so don't have the expectation of buying the latest Samsung and expecting that to be the De-Googled

A Complete detailed view on Linux Phone Vs De-Googled Android in Privacy 👆👆👆 Click

What about your opinions on De-Googled Phone and questions leave them below in comment box


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