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PUBG Lag Fix All Problems Resolved: A Helpful Illustrated Guide

To Fix PUBG Lag You Have to Fix These   1. Check Does Your Mobile Have min 4GB RAM 2. If You were Using MIUI 11 and Above Install Game Drivers 3. Clear PUBG Mobile Game Cache and Data   4. Install Avast CleanUp within One Tap It clean Up All Apps Cache and Force Stop running Apps 5. Graphics Settings Should be always in default mode which gives smoother game play 6. Always Use PUBG From Game Space Of your Mobile App 7. Stop Using Gyroscope If It lags when Enabled Always On  8. Use High Speed Internet  Data connection  9. Stop Playing while Charging Your Mobile 10. Update your mobile Software if any Newer version detected These 10 Setups will makes you Lag free PUBG Game play 1.  Check Does Your Mobile Have min  4GB RAM Today pubg releasing more updates and along with app and updates it nearly reaching 2gb ram Space,For smoother game play we need minimum 4GB RAM For mobile cause with mobile and  other using Apps included,If you have less than 4GB RAM You can play PUBG Lite for la

Top 6 Most Expensive Powerful Combine Harvesters In The world | Ploughing

Top 6 Most Expensive Combine Harvesters In The World: At Ploughing Claas Lexion 770 New Holland CR10.90 Fendt  IDEAL 10T Case IH Axial-Flow  9120 John DEERE 9660STS Deutz-Fahr C9000 Theses are the world most expensive combine harvesters machine most powerful in ploughing and farming  1. Claas Lexion 770 Claas Lexion 770 is the most powerful combine ploughing machine in the world it has powerful engine With 430KW power manufactured by mercedes benz,claas Lexion 770 weights about 18tons on comparing with normal it has special equipments like cabin,stone trap,chopper,chaff spreader and Airconditioner  It comes with an massive Grain tank with 12800 l  along with 445mm rotor with 9.4 mm cutting platform width its engene build in for high engene power with 585 HP and needs 4 metres width to travel it can cut the width of 9.6 metres length width ,it can travel 33km/hr 2. New Holland CR10.90 New Holland CR10.90 Engine powered with 512 kW with an massi

How to Remove Hacker from My Android Phone

How to Remove Hacker From My Android Phone: In short, you have two ways to remove, install and run Antivirus from playstore and scan your device if any virus detected uninstall virus detected apps  or you can Factory reset your phone which makes it delete all data and makes virus free How to Protect your Android Phone from Hackers  To protect your Android phone from Hackers and virus always Play Protect should be on/enabled in playstore,Avoid clicking on unknown links from social media,emails and unknown sources,Use Security Protection app,Avoid using public unsecured wifi,update your mobile software up-to-date,Avoid using browsers other than the playstore browsers for  using social media  These Issues were Faced if your Mobile was Hacked Mobile heated up without even using Battery drain fastly  Lags while using High data usage Unusual performance Random msgs sends or receive without your permission Decrease in overall performance speed There are many ways pres

MediaTek Helio G85 Vs Helio G90T Vs G80 Comparision And Specifications

MediaTek Helio G85 Vs Helio G90T Vs G80 Comparision and Specifications  Here is the best comparison between the MediaTek Helio G85 vs Helio G90T vs Helio G80,Recently we have known the Xiaomi redmi note 9 launched with MediaTek Helio G85 processor it's modified for great gaming performance and experience best gaming while playing heavy games,let us compare and know these three performances and specifications The MediaTek Helio G85 comes with Octa-Core Soc with 2 + 6 Cores with 2 Cortes-A75  Performance cores with 2.0GHz and 6 Efficiency cortex-A55 cores with Operating at 1.8GHz it's the same arrangement of cores as like as Helio G80,let's come to the Clock  speed it has increased in GPU speed to 50 MHZ over the Helio G80 wherever the MediaTek Helio G85 has GPU sepeed 1000MHz in case of Helio G80 it has 950Mhz On comparing with Helio G85 with Snapdragon 665 processor it gives more performance that Snapdragon 665 with high performance difference, MediaTek Helio G8