Top 6 Most Expensive Powerful Combine Harvesters In The world | Ploughing

Top 6 Most Expensive Combine Harvesters In The World: At Ploughing

  • Claas Lexion 770
  • New Holland CR10.90
  • Fendt IDEAL 10T
  • Case IH Axial-Flow 9120
  • John DEERE 9660STS
  • Deutz-Fahr C9000

Theses are the world most expensive combine harvesters machine most powerful in ploughing and farming

 1. Claas Lexion 770

Claas Lexion 770 is the most powerful combine ploughing machine in the world it has powerful engine With 430KW power manufactured by mercedes benz,claas Lexion 770 weights about 18tons on comparing with normal it has special equipments like cabin,stone trap,chopper,chaff spreader and Airconditioner 

It comes with an massive Grain tank with 12800 l  along with 445mm rotor with 9.4 mm cutting platform width its engene build in for high engene power with 585 HP and needs 4 metres width to travel it can cut the width of 9.6 metres length width ,it can travel 33km/hr

2. New Holland CR10.90

New Holland CR10.90 Engine powered with 512 kW with an massive Grain storage 14500 l it needs 10 metres length for transport and 3.5 metres width it builds up with an 700Hp engine power with 6 combine cylinder 

The special equipments build in CR10.90  New Holland were cabin,chopper stone strap,chaff spreader,Loss monitor ,Roll over protection and Airconditioner it has cutting platform with of 12.5 metres,it allows 55 different crop storage settings and gives 600 hours service intervals work with 1300 litre fuel tank

3. Fendt Ideal 10T

Fendt Ideal 10T comes with an 16.7 litres fuel tank with an engine hore power 587 it comes with an joystick movement without stearing for movement use only joystick which we can easily handle with one hand it's going to available in market from June 2020 and cane use for farming in  2021 many people were waiting about this fendt Ideal 10T 

It plough 12.8 metres width tamd needs 6 metres to travel lengh it can be handled easily by joystick mode stearing and feels more comfort even with in hot conditions cause it builds in Airconditioner

4. Case IH Axial-Flow 9120

Case IH Axial-Flow 9120 comes with an 360 ke engine HP with an massive Grain tank of 12,330 l steering with an normal handled and have cutting width of 9.5 metres it needs 3.8 metres width for transport and 3.9 metres height weights about 18 tons it comes with an 6 cylinder design

The special equipments present in Case IH Axial-Flow 9120 was it can have adjustable comfort cabin for drive,chopper,stone trap ,hill side leveling,chaff spreader,loss monitor and along with Airconditioner for hot environment


John Deere 9660STS comes with an 6 cylinders with engine 305 HP it has 250 gallon fuel capacity needs 3.8 metres width to travel and 4.2 metres height steering comes with an normal handled it has 10120 l grain storage capacity

It consists special cleaning fan rotates at 12000rpm at high speed and 500 rpm at slow speed 

6. Deutz-Fahr C9000

Deut-Fahr C9000 comes with an threshing technology with Straw walker had 370Hp engine power with massive Grain storage with 10,500 l it cam plough 9 metres width and needs 3.7 metres width and 4.2 metres height for travel

The special equipments Deutz fahr were it has Cleaning channel along with cutting bar ,feed channel,threshing and separation, cleaning,harvest transportation,straw management and cab

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