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Buy Microsoft Office 2021 licenses from $13.32 with Godeal24 Software Sale!

Buy Microsoft Office 2021 licenses from $13.32 with Godeal24 Software Sale! Microsoft Office software has always been popular, both for work and personal use. More than 1.2 billion users worldwide now use some form of Office product (approximately 20% of the world's population!) Turn on your computer almost anywhere and the familiar logo appears. But when it comes to buying an Office suite, the high price can make you hesitate. Luckily, Godeal24 can offer you a genuine Microsoft Office 2021 Pro at a super low price! Why is Godeal24 so cheap, is the software genuine? Is this legal? With Godeal24, you completely avoid the risk of piracy, as the resale of second-hand licenses is a legal process governed by European legislation. Since the company no longer uses their license, they resell it to Godeal24 at a low price, Godeal24 checks it before resale, a used license doesn't mean the product is worn, it's still like brand new software. Used licenses are dematerialized, which mea

Optimizing a Computer for Work: 7 Things You Need

   Optimizing a Computer for Work: 7 Things You Need Are you trying to optimize a new computer for work? Or maybe you have purchased a second-hand laptop and need to make some adjustments so that it works better? The purpose of this article is to give you a list of 7 necessary things you need to feel comfortable while working on your computer. Clean Desktop Let's start with a clean desktop. There are a few reasons why you want to avoid cluttering the computer's desktop with unnecessary files despite the fact that it might be convenient to access documents faster. First of all, the more clutter the desktop has, the worse your computer performs. Every time you switch from the desktop to a different tab, the OS has to render each file, causing delays and slowing the computer's performance.  The second reason is related to workflow and distractions. You might be tempted to procrastinate if you see a video game shortcut on the desktop, for example. It also does not help when the


[GCAM 9.3] Google Camera For all MediaTek Helio G95, G90T,G85,P80,P70,P60 Devices | Complete Illustrated Guide

 [GCAM 9.3] Google Camera For all MediaTek Helio G95, G90T,G85,P80,P70,P60 Devices|Complete Illustrated Guide In this article you will learn how to install [GCAM 9.3] Google camera in all MediaTek Helio G95, G90T,G85,P80,P70,P60 processor Devices,A complete helpful illustrated Guide What is [GCAM] Google camera ? A GCam is a powerful App for mobile cameras developed by Google, we can configure settings of each and every detail capture of camera  like contrast,zoom,HDR+,Potrait mode and Night Sight photography and many more, It also allows you to take pictures at night with great capture by using Astro Photography and makes you to capture amazing steady videos even on moving with greater stability Why GCAM is Better than Stock Camera ? GCam is 1000 times better than Stock Camera because GCam helps you to take better dynamic,HDR+ images with Indepth detailed view which makes GCam more difference from stock Camera,This makes everyone to install and use GCam in their mobiles than using S

How to Fix Mi TV 4A Pro,4A,4X WiFi Connected,but no Internet Access| A Helpful Guide

You can Fix Mi TV 4A Pro,4A,4X WiFi Connected, but no Internet Access simply by going to Settings>Additional Settings>Device Preferences>Date&time>Automatic Date&time>Use Network Provided time. You can Fix this by going to settings of your Mi TV and Now locate at bottom Additional Settings in additional settings you will see Device Preferences in device preferences menu at the second top you will see Date & time in date and time you go to setting Automatic date & time where it is in an Off mode Now select it to Use Network Provided time. Now restart your Mi TV and your Mi TV WiFi connected,but no Internet Access problem will be fixed and you can play YouTube, Netflix,hotstar...etc you will not face any problem and it will fix 100% your problem How to Fix WiFi connected but,no internet connection when your Mi TV connected to Mobile Hotspot You can fix this by Settings>WiFi>Data Saver>Off On default if your Mi TV connected to any WiFi mobile

How to Fix Screen Mirroring Lag on Samsung smart Tv|A Helpful Illustrated Guide

If you are facing lag while screen monitoring in Samsung smart tv here is the complete helpful illustrated guide to fix this problem You can Fix Screen Mirroring Lag on Samsung smart Tv by these Methods: 1. Update Apps If you are facing screen mirroring lag in Samsung smart tv it is the first step you have to do go to settings in your Samsung smart tv and then to my apps check for updates and update all the apps which get update and now restart your Samsung smart tv and check either it fixes your problem You may face lag in screen mirroring on Samsung smart tv due to using old versions apps or not up-to-date ,if above thing doesn't fix your problem then follow the next step  2. Uninstall and Reinstall Android System webView Update If the above method doest fixes your problem now you have to uninstall Android webView in your Samsung smart  To do this go to settings and then all apps there show system apps installed on your Samsung smart tv tap on Android System WebView now t