How to Remove Hacker from My Android Phone

How to Remove Hacker From My Android Phone:

In short, you have two ways to remove, install and run Antivirus from playstore and scan your device if any virus detected uninstall virus detected apps  or you can Factory reset your phone which makes it delete all data and makes virus free

How to Protect your Android Phone from Hackers 

To protect your Android phone from Hackers and virus always Play Protect should be on/enabled in playstore,Avoid clicking on unknown links from social media,emails and unknown sources,Use Security Protection app,Avoid using public unsecured wifi,update your mobile software up-to-date,Avoid using browsers other than the playstore browsers for  using social media 

These Issues were Faced if your Mobile was Hacked

  1. Mobile heated up without even using
  2. Battery drain fastly 
  3. Lags while using
  4. High data usage
  5. Unusual performance
  6. Random msgs sends or receive without your permission
  7. Decrease in overall performance speed
There are many ways present in today's technology to hack any mobile with different spy apps ,phishing mails,links,virus encoded images,key loggers ,malicious virus attack and more,To be secure we have to alert and avoid on clicking those unknown informative links or image or any malicious virus encoded 

Always be sure to use only apps from Playstore and never install apps from any third party websites enable play protect in Playstore its most important to be in enable cause it always checks for virus if any detected it will notice to you and make uninstall those apps,many of us willing to install apps from third party other than the playstore and they disable playprotect to use non Playstore apps this makes the big mistake by disabling playprotect it stops checking on virus present in mobile which leads to high risk oh chances for your mobile hack

Many hackers will send malicious files like emojis/images virus encoded in them and when we click on them a small sized apk will install in your mobile and starts its working without knowing you it gives access to hacker to all your data so if you think any problem will be present in it they immediately delete it 

How to Remove Spy Apps From your Mobile 

 you can remove them easily by going to settings and then to Device Administrator you can see now any Spy app present remove and delete Spy app you seen,The spy spy apps were intentionally installed by someone when you given your mobile to them 

These apps can hide in screen and can't seen you can easily detect it in Device Administrator section through these they can monitor your sms,calls,photos, track places,call recordings,you can notice this easily by mobile heating problem ,fast battery drain and screen off suddenly while using

Some hackers send you malicious virus through emails by means of phising when we logged in through these malicious mails they can easily know our facebook ,instagram,any account ID and Password avoid login through unknown links this is the most common used method for hackers to hack social media accounts and gmail by sending to their targets,this type of phising website pages now a days easily provides by some websites like shadow tracker and sends ID passwords to user account when target person logged in through sended page link be aware from these phising sites 

It's all in our hands just we have to aware of those things and have some knowledge how  theya attack  on our mobiles and aware of those things always keep in mind to be playprotect should be in on and scan for virus through antivirus whenever you have some free time in a while If you are using sd card and in your mobile and if you identified any hacked symptom after factory reset make sure to wipe all sd card data also along with mobile even some virus can still present on sd card and when inserted it automatically installed and have chances to leak data 

  • On finally you have to check these and follow these three if you have identified you mobile hacked 

  • Turn on playprotect if you have disables before while installing third party apps 

  • Scan for virus through Antivirus download from Playstore

  • Check Device Administrator for any unseen apps in screen have present and they have permissions,delete them of any present

If you have any questions and Comments ,Please fell free to leave them below.

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