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PUBG Lag Fix All Problems Resolved: A Helpful Illustrated Guide

To Fix PUBG Lag You Have to Fix These  

1. Check Does Your Mobile Have min 4GB RAM

2. If You were Using MIUI 11 and Above Install Game Drivers

3. Clear PUBG Mobile Game Cache and Data 

4. Install Avast CleanUp within One Tap It clean Up All Apps Cache and Force Stop running Apps

5. Graphics Settings Should be always in default mode which gives smoother game play

6. Always Use PUBG From Game Space Of your Mobile App

7. Stop Using Gyroscope If It lags when Enabled Always On 

8. Use High Speed Internet Data connection 

9. Stop Playing while Charging Your Mobile

10. Update your mobile Software if any Newer version detected

These 10 Setups will makes you Lag free PUBG Game play

1. Check Does Your Mobile Have min 4GB RAM

Today pubg releasing more updates and along with app and updates it nearly reaching 2gb ram Space,For smoother game play we need minimum 4GB RAM For mobile cause with mobile and  other using Apps included,If you have less than 4GB RAM You can play PUBG Lite for lag free game play.

2. If You were Using MIUI 11 and Above Install Game Drivers

If you were having mobiles Operating on MIUI 11 I Can say 100% you face Lag while playing PUBG in 4GB RAM to fix This you have to Make Some settings For those Settings gethere

3. Clear PUBG Mobile Game Cache and Data

Clear all your pubg data and cache by holding on app then app info and data storage then celar app data and cache and try it now it can fix your lag

 4. Install Avast CleanUp within One Tap It clean Up All Apps Cache and Force Stop running Apps

It's an all in one solution for all your lag fix within an one tap install Avast CleanUp from Playstore and it have functions like boost your mobile,Clean up storage On taping of Boost your mobile it prevents all background running Apps by force stopping all apps present in mobile and by storage clean it cleat alla apps cache date and makes your mobile runs faster and gives you smooth handle experience

5. Graphics Settings Should be always in default mode which gives smoother game play

Always keep your graphics Settings in default if your mobile doesn't fully capable of FHD+,HDR mode and you tried to Play in then you will face lag issues so always be in default graphics Settings

6. Always Use PUBG From Game Space Of your Mobile App

Use always game space app and play PUBG while playing on Game space app it prevents all background apps notifications and messages and prevents background running Apps

7. Stop Using Gyroscope If It lags when Enabled Always On 

Some mobiles may not comes with gyroscope sensor but in some mobiles comes with gyroscope support and but not function fully in that case it cause lag while playing you can use either Gyroscope while scope on only or In off mode 

8. Use High Speed Internet Data connection 

It is am major issue many will face lag if internet connection has fluctuations in high and low at a time which cause lag so high speed internet data connection should be required for smooth game play without lag

9. Stop Playing while Charging Your Mobile

Many people will play while charging due to their fast battery drainage while charging and playing it causes battery drainage and charging at a time which leads to many problems it cause touch response delay or fast problem can able to play and also leads to battery power decrease by dieing cells due to this type of play and reduce more battery life,it's also danger in some mobiles causes heavy heat and explode 

10. Update your mobile Software if any Newer version detected

In some cases your mobile face charging and lag along with slow touch response due to software up-to-date issue make sure always your software were upto date cause these updates makes your mobile works faster than before by fixing any bugs were present

If you have any questions and Comments ,Please fell free to leave them below.

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