MediaTek Helio G85 Vs Helio G90T Vs G80 Comparision And Specifications

MediaTek Helio G85 Vs Helio G90T Vs G80 Comparision and Specifications 

Here is the best comparison between the MediaTek Helio G85 vs Helio G90T vs Helio G80,Recently we have known the Xiaomi redmi note 9 launched with MediaTek Helio G85 processor it's modified for great gaming performance and experience best gaming while playing heavy games,let us compare and know these three performances and specifications

The MediaTek Helio G85 comes with Octa-Core Soc with 2 + 6 Cores with 2 Cortes-A75  Performance cores with 2.0GHz and 6 Efficiency cortex-A55 cores with Operating at 1.8GHz it's the same arrangement of cores as like as Helio G80,let's come to the Clock  speed it has increased in GPU speed to 50 MHZ over the Helio G80 wherever the MediaTek Helio G85 has GPU sepeed 1000MHz in case of Helio G80 it has 950Mhz

On comparing with Helio G85 with Snapdragon 665 processor it gives more performance that Snapdragon 665 with high performance difference, MediaTek Helio G85 will just makes the new Soc chipset for best gaming performance on mid range mobiles 

In MediaTek Helio G90T processor chipset it also have the same 2+6 cores with 2  Cores-A76 performance cores with clock speed 2.05GHz and six Cortex-A55 efficiency cores at 2.0GHz According to Antutu benchmark test it scores 281,033 points,On comparing Helio G90T with Snapdragon 712 it gives more performance better than Snapdragon 712 on gaming performance and graphic performance
With better Cpu and GPU performance

Helio G90T first  introduced realme 6 and Xiaomi redmi note 8 pro  on upcoming mid range mobiles Helio G90T processor chipset will be mostly used for better performance,on comparison with Helio G85 and Helio G80 it gives high gaming performance and overall better than both processors

The three processors were designed in same way with Fabrication Node 12Nm FinFet with same 2+6 cores but the only difference they come with increase in GPU speed someone have think that Helio G90T is the best processor than any other Snapdragon processor but Snapdragon 720G gives better performance than Helio G90T  

Now comes to MediaTek Helio G80 it introduced through realme 6i mobiles Helio G80 has launched with high graphics Octa-Core SoC chipset with Hyper Engine technology it contains two Cortex-A75 cores with maximum clock speed 2GHz and six Cortex-A55 cores clock speed at 1.8GHz Helio G80 also supports core pilot and neuropilot technologies

Helio G90T will have intelligent, dynamic management of GPU,CPU and memory,gives super Performance in heavy load games like pubg,COD and also enhances the battery power consumption for longer gameplay,it also gives high HDR output smoothly in game play 


After the introduction of MediaTek Helio processors like Helo G80,Helio G85 and Helio G90T they come with super powerful processors chipset for high performance in smooth function along with increase in battery life for longer time ,but all chipsets Helio G80,Helio G85 and Helio G90T come with same model of 2+6 core models but increased in GPU performance speed in Helio G90T it increase 50Mhz speed than Helio G85 what the purpose of that 50MHz increase mean better they have many chances to increase much more GPU speed for newly introducing chipset,However we have finally known that Helio G90T gives better performance than Helio G85 and Helio G85 is better than Helio G80