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Linux Phone Vs De-Googled Android AOSP| Which Is Better For Privacy

Linux Phone Vs De-Googled Android AOSP| Which Is Better For Privacy

Most of our privacy is lost through our phones It was confirmed that Google was tracking everyone's locations and using it to map if people are doing social distancing and then sharing that data with the government

I already warned about Google's capability to track the majority of humans in the world in my previous articles 

There are two devices those cannot be tracked by Google or Apple these are Linux phone and De-Google Android phones 

Both of these are excellent choices for privacy while maintaining some sort of functionality in the modern world but they offer privacy in two completely different ways

So you have to understand how they work so you can plan out which device to use let's discuss this in detail

I just have to lay out the foundation first if you're using an iOS device or if you have a regular Android then clearly you have no privacy 

Most of the spying and surveillance on our lives are done on these phones and that's probably 99% of all the phones out there

You can watch the videos on Who's spying on your phone in YouTube to understand the mechanics

Now tne is to use a Linux phone and the other is to use Android AOSP Android open source project which is the open source version of Android with no Google Apps and we call that De-Googled phone these two options are great

1. Linux Phones And Why They Are Fantastic

The both phones protect you but the approach of each is different first Let's talk about Linux phones and why they're fantastic 

Linux phones are the most popular daily driver way to do this is to use a Nexus 5 and then load ubuntu touch on it about to touch works well on a Nexus 5 and is very stable there is no doubt that this is the safest phone available to anyone 

Because the phone is no connection to Google whatsoever there's no Telemetry location collection or even any sort of identification or device fingerprint that can be taken by Google, Apple, Facebook or anyone else 

The only entities that can track the phone are your carrier in a government but even that can be temporarily shut down by a removing the SIM card or if you have a pine phone in a libram 5 by turning off the cell modem switch 

This absolute best privacy choice you can control precisely when location is enabled and the location tracking isn't super accurate which is perfect 

In fact it will likely fail within doors even if you leave location tracking on and it still works well enough outdoors for navigation

so if this is the case we should all jump into a Linux phone to use since it's perfect

2. Cons/Problems Of Linux Phones 

But it isn't perfect cause at the moment the most stable option in easiest to get is a Nexus 5 with ubuntu touch but it has issues if you're used to a newer phone first

Cause Nexus 5 is slower this is a 2013-2014 phone so it's 7 to 8 years old this means that the camera isn't as good as a modern phone and usually there's a limited amount of space on the phone

Main negative is that if you're used to using certain apps there are a lot of limitations you can only use apps available on Linux phones and since a Linux phone is a new thing

Most Linux apps don't work on mobile for some of us we need access to popular apps but if you use a regular Android then Google know everything you're doing There's a way around this if you have a De-Google phone

3. De-Googled Android AOSP Is Better Than Linux Phone| Detailed View

A De-Google phone it doesn't have anything Google on it the software that Google uses to track you is not there

The only code that is in De-Google phone is open source by default so there can't be any tricks there since we can look at the source code and identify the trick but it doesn't stop there 

When you get a De-Google phone and you start loading standard apps on there like waze, Yelp ,Uber and then you're back to being tracked by Google 

All apps sold on the Google Play Store connect to Google in order to use notifications as some app utilization,statistics ,database capabilities and so on 

Now you will say that De-Google phone is not safe since it actually still connect to Google Actually this is a different privacy approach on a De-Google phone you see a De-Google phone has no identity 

On a standard Android phone you have your Google ID a De-Google phone is set to have a spoofed Google ID so it is never have to identify the phone so even if apps and information send to the Firebase servers of Google they don't have your real identity

Yes they can get a device fingerprinting and we'll know what apps are loaded from Google Play but they will not know your f-droid app

They will not be able to attach it to your financial records and the biggest plus the Wi-Fi scanning and that is the one used to track everyone in the world is disabled

5. Indepth Compare Of Linux Phone Vs De-Googled Android

Let us compare the Linux approach versus the De-Google approach again so it's clear to you

Number one a Linux phone provides privacy by withholding information from Google to a De-Google phone that uses regular apps achieves privacy by this information 

Two different approaches this is a very important difference in it really is applicable to many things we do on the internet to you attack the Privacy Problem by withholding the data 

You can do this in an absolute way by not having a phone moving Off the Grid and disconnecting from the internet instead of doing that but just want to utilize the internet

So we use Tor and vpns these tools create disinformation your data is still flowing through the internet but these tools obscurity IP address which is the direct identification on you your traffic is mixed in with other people 

when using a normal unsafe modern phone like iOS or Android then you will be sending information on your phone like the Apple ID,Google ID and a divice fingerprint so the two batches of those apps can correlate your activities across all apps

But when you use a Linux phone none of that fingerprinting can occur since Linux doesn't even grant access to that kind of detail and there's no login whatsoever that is revealed to a third party or to any centralized Authority 

A Linux phone has no Mothership company so no one has access to the data on the phone Actually a De-Google phone does occasionally connect to the Google Mother Ship 

But it's sending the wrong name all the time the wrong name is used on thousands of phones so you actually anonymize completely 

The most feared element of a standard Android is the feature that they used to track where everyone is which is called Wi-Fi scanning this feature scans the Network's for Wi-Fi routers and then reports the Wi-Fi router Mac addresses to Google together with a GPS position

This feature is not part of location services It's an independent feature on Google Android and this code does not exist on Android open source because Google doesn't want to share that proprietary code with anyone since it is one of the Keystone's of the Google spying Network

6. How does a De-Google Android work to protect your privacy first

Since there's no Google Play there's no actual direct code from Google on the phone all the apps from Google cannot even be installed this includes even a YouTube app or a Gmail app 

A fake app store is installedl and it has a built-in spoofer it actually redirect the request to go to the Google Play Store but it is done indirectly so you receive the same app but not connecting directly from Google Play to your phone then the apps will communicate to Google for notifications payments and other back-end services like databases

On a De-google phone there's a middleware software that acts like Google it intercepts the calls to Google and then passes it on to Google but without your phone's identity

There is really a great sense of Freedom when it works like this and on a De-Google phone you have the option to stick to apps from fdroid which is an open source store so everything there is safe to begin with

The identity spoofing is only necessary when they're using apps that are standard apps in Google Play like waze, Uber, Yelp, ,Facebook ,Twitter ,signal ,telegram…. 

If you can avoid using those apps then you would hold information completely if you use those apps then you're sending information so we just a better approach withhold information or send this information remember those two points

I think that each has a purpose and obviously would hold the information is inconvenient in my case I choose both options

What Is De-Googled Phone And Its  Working Detailed View👆👆👆👆

Let me know your opinions and questions in below comment box


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