Covid-19 Can Transfer Through 5G | Truth Behind it

Covid-19 Can Tranfer Through 5G | Truth Behind it

.  No, according to International telecommunications union(ITU) and UN's agency for information and communications there is no chance in transferring of covid-19 through 5G radiation

. The present fastest internet is 5G which is 100 times faster than the present 4G with the latest 5G technology  wherever 4G gives an 100 Mbps per second 5G can gives 10 gigabits per second

In Europeon country on august 19 they started 5G broadband services

People believing blindly those conspiracy theory which the covid-19 can transfer through 5G radiation and started to posting many videos on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube withouth knowing the facts

Scientifically there is zero percent to transfer covid-19 through radiation which it's  scientifically and biologiy impossible the covid-19 doesn't tranfer through 5G radiation

People should have to think about their personal health how to be healthy and what types of foods were required to boost their immunity instead of believing those rumors

According to UN report many towers were destroyed in European countries
In basis of covidd-19 ransfer through 5G radio waves and engeneers were abused when rumours were spreaded widely

These conspiracy theories were 'hoax where there is no technical basis 'according to UN and ITU ,people destroys there many phones in Europe and Belgium ,cyprus believing they were the cause of spreading corona virus

WHO on 5G conspiracy in myth Busters article says that covid-19 transfers through infected person droplets or infected person respiratory air

On YouTube due to conspiracy videos makes viral  in March and it seen by 5.8 million people it's makes more impact on many people and changes into conspiracy theorist who destroyed many 5G towers

On behalf of YouTube in facebook fake theories that covid-19 transmit through 5G radio waves news were spreaded all over 31 countries including japan and swizthcerland

Facebook,whatsapp and youtube should have to take responsibility to stop and block those unnecessary fake news and make immediately warn the persons who posts those fake news

Social media like youtube, Facebook is the best platform where the news around world  can be known easily  people should have to use these platforms to share genuine information only social platforms should take strong actions to block fake news instantly to prevent panic from people with unnecessary news

People should know the fact that radio waves cannot tranfer the covid-19 through their radiation it's nonsense to even a simple thinking can get known virus is a biological  and how can be biological agent transferred through technical radio waves

Many countries were fighting with unseen deadly virus it's our war against covid-19 we should fight together and win,but don't spread fake news and make people panic

Do moderate exercise daily and take healthy foods with more fruits to boost your immunity ,there are many foods boost your immunity citrus,lemon ,orange ,tomato, watermelon, grapefruit..etc

5G is the fifth generation communication technologies for wireless devices like mobiles ,computers,laptops ..etc 5G is the latest technology for internet usage also used to control self driving cars and vehicles which changes many differents in transport systems