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Covid-19:Hydroxychloroquine Uses | Side effects

Covid-19:Hydroxychloroquine Uses | Side effects

Uses of chloroquine

Hydroxychloroquine is a crystalline powder soluble in water and partially soluble in alcohol,Chloroform and ether.hrdroxychloroquinine is also known as antimalarial drug like chloroquine,Hydroxychloroquine is used to treat malaria,Rheumatoid arthritis,chronic discoid lupus Erythematosus and system lupus erythematosus

These drugs binds to parasite nucleoproteins and prevent formation of protein which is major for all requirements for parasite to alive,they interact with stabilisation of lysozomal activity,and also alter in ph level,supress T-lympocyes.

Many countries were thinking hydroxycholoroquine is medicine to cure for covid-19,at primary stage of corona treatment along with hydroxychloroquine had makes people recover more fastly than the normal,it's helps to get releif from cough and also has anti inflammatory properties but using hydroxychloroquine for secondary and third phase patients may leads lo many side effects ,United States food and administration says that the usage of hydroxychloroquine for covid-19 without docter prescribe may leads to many side effects and also leads to death

The Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) has cleared Hydrochloroquine to be used as a prophylaxis, or preventive medication, by doctors, nurses and other health staff. Union Health Ministry, last month, moved it to Schedule H1, which can be sold on prescription only. In the absence of better drugs and healthcare workers exposed to high levels of the virus, hydroxychloroquine could in theory modulate their immune system's response to the virus and protect them. However, these dosages are also linked to instances of cardiac arrhythmia and liver damage.

Side effects of hydroxychloroquine

The heavy dosage of hydroxychloroquine may leads to many side affects and may leads to death sometimes,upon docter prescibe dosage of hydroxychloroquine may used to recover very fast fro covid-19 than the normal treatment

The common side effects of using hydroxychloroquine were

.stomach pain ,if you got stomach pain and it lists for long time after the administration of drug contact your doctor which it may leads to severe damage

.loss of appetite,which leads to vomithigs nonstop after administration of drug consult your doctor for getting better,long term of vomiting leads to annorexia

.nausea,it causes uneasy of stomach and ready to felt vomithing,it may also cause due to taking heavy alcohol or drug ,also due to food poison

.Rashes,common symptom of using drug hydroxychloroquine wash rashes feeling ichness all over the body and discomfort for long time of period

. headache,the person also faces heavy headache after the administration of drug if it persists for long time contact your doctor immediately

.heart failure,on severe condition of patient using heavy dosage may leads to death with heart failure to the person who have heart problems through generations in their parents

. diarrhoea,person will face non stop losse stools which it leads to dehydration and losing more energy 

.dizzieness,ita an mild headache that cause on lower the ear,it may also causes due to migraine,to get rid of this take plently rest and move slowly

.visual problems,the person may face visual problems which he may not see clearly and causes headache if he tried to see forcefully

.hair loss ,some persons may face hair loss due to administration of hydroxychloroquine



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