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5 Ways to Earn Money Online in 2022 From Home.


There are many ways to earn money from online have you ever think about data entry works and capcha, some of them tried and going to fill many files and capcha works those works were maximum scam,don't try to stick with those data works and capcha entry works save your time and energy.

Today you were going to know about most legal and profitable 5 online earning ways that works 100% in 2022


These were the top 5 money earning ways in 2020 



Now a days many of the people stating their YouTube own channel for andt passion and its turning to their job for online earning.

To start a YouTube channel first you have to select what's about your channel and what information can you give best to people

There are many topics you can open YouTube  you can start upon topics like newly mobile launched details,daily updates ,social awareness,environment,fun with home pets .....etc it's depend upon your interest.

To setup YouTube channel sign in youtube and name your channel according to what your posts relatable and start uploading videos that were genuine and created by you don't use others videos in your channel that makes your channel to prevent from monetized

Try to upload the best and new stories that attract many people and increase your subcribers when you reached required subcribers and youtube youtube videos watch time of your channel apply for monetization

When your channel monetized connect your channel to adsense and get paid for your vide


Free lancer is a website where you can get self employed without working under any company or organisation in online if you have the following skills music, writing, acting, computer programming,  graphic design, webdesign,translating and illustrating, film and video production and other forms of piece work which some cultural 

 You have to login to freelancer website with your email and conform your account,you have to post what's about your in special and your work with your details the company , organization or any person who can needs your work will contact you and get paid for work 

For example if you were expert in making an best blog for word press you have to post your experience the person who needs to start a website on seeing your post he will contact you and get paid,if you were skilled person in graphic design post your skills and experience in the mean while you can get paid more money tham working in some other company at your own time 

There are so many of companies will offer you and get paid for your work it's the platform you work on your own instead of under a company at your own time .


Blogging is the best option to earn money online even when you were in sleep its simple to start and earn money from traffic you get from world wide 

You can start a blog by either from blogger or wordpress,create an account in blogger or wordpress by signing in with your gmail id and fill your detail after creating account you have to buy a domain .com/ .in/ .co  never try to buy domains like .un/.xy like domain where they cannot accepted for adsense and your account may not quailfy for adsense aprovel which is major for Google ads in our blogs to paid us money

In blogger we can get domain free which it comes with by this domain ee have to wait for 6 months to aprovel it's better to go with an top level domains like .com/.in/.co and also these were seo seo friendly to make more traffic into our sites 

You can buy domain fro websites like, hostinger,
After buying domain make sure whats about your website and choose accordingly name and add your domain to your site 

Start writing your own content articles and publish after 20 articles apply for adsense to qualify make sure your blog should be one month old and each article should have min 1000 words to qualify adsense 100%

Share your articles in social media like in your instagram Facebook Twitter accounts to get more traffic.


Affiliate marketing where you can earn profits from publishing all means of products like electronics ,house holds ,mobiles,laptops,any product,if you make people to buy products through your publish links you get percentage profit from the product distributer

The easy way to earn more money by collaboration with Amazon and flipkart which they have an highly rated selling products from electronic needs to home needs

To start amazon/flipkart affiliate marketing you have a blog/site related to marketing and advertising products you can contact flipkart/Amazon to get access profits through your site buyers,
Profits are depends upon how much traffic get to your site/blog

But to get a traffic Into your site it may takes few months upto 6 to get into Google for organic traffic,but once you setup in promoting your product you can earn more profits .


Online tutor is the best job where you get paid for your online classes instead of going to teach somewhere else with hours 

It's the best platform where you can save your energy and time and easy way to teach many people even  wherever learners present  by explaining about topics from where you were ,all you were needed is internet connection

To get started job as online tutor you can apply online tutoring through etutor,tutor vist , growing stars
And start your job where you can teach for students,teachers,phd, industrial professor..etc upon your subject like physics, chemistry or mathematical and whatever you were in highly talented you can teach from any standards to phd phd level .

You can also start by gathering by your own Clint's and earn money by your own online tutoring with advance subjects you can earn 60$ per hour

These were the top 5 earning best ways in 2020 ,if you want to know more interesting topics then click here


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