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How to Boost your Immunity Power in body Naturally

How to boost your immunity power in body naturally

Immune system makes a person to keep healthy,immune system consists of cells,tissues,organs and proteins they fight against the foreign particles enter our body like bacteria,virus Which causes diseases/infection

There are many ways to increase immune system with naturally 

1 Eat healthy foods like more 

2 Leafy vegetables

3 Citrus fruits

4 Garlic

5 Spinach

6 Almonds

7  Ginger

8 Broccoli

Sleep well immune system will increase their function of we sleep as much as time can be possible

If you were addicted to smoke better to take steps to stop smoking cause smoking will effect immune response system

To increase immunity eat more healthy fats like

 1 cheese

2 dark chocolates

3 whole eggs

4 Fatty fish

5  chiaseeds

6 extra virgin olive oil...etc

Among all of them avocados are rich in calories and more fat than in animal foods

Do exercise 4-5 days in a week not extremely an moderate workout is enough to increase immune system and their function

Best fruit juices boost your immunity









Maintain healthy weight to increase immunity it's important to maintain our daily diet with a plan over weight may leads to many diseases and health problems

If you have habit of taking alcohol daily then makes it to limit an moderate alcohol intake is enough

Stay always clean and fresh to avoid from infections wash thoroughly hands and face whenever possible

Vitamin A , B6, C  and Es will increase strength of immunity

Daily stand under moderate sunlight for some time generates vitamin D in our body vitamin D which helps in provides antibodies in our body to fight against foreign bodies like virus and bacteria


Citrus fruits like lemon,keylime,pomelo,grapefruit,bitter ornage ,citron,yuzu,tangelo ......etc they are rich in vitamin c helps in boosting our immunity power

They are also rich in high fiber along with vitamin B6 which makes your digestion free and also helps in releif from flu and they are also rich in potassium helps to reduce heart diseases

Citrus fruits can helps in absorption of high iron from food  vitamin c along with iron makes digestive tract free

Citrus they also helps in skin pigmentation and helps to stay skin fit they also used for skin care protection
Taking daily morning a cup of juice can helps to reduce weight and fat  they also contain folate carotinoids which helps in cancel cure

They helps in increasing the halth of eyes and prevents from age eye blindness,they increase the blood folw of eye vessels and maintain helathy eyes

At last they are mainly helpful in reducing stress levels so citrus fruits have many advantages make use of them in your daily diet.

Citrus are low in calories and they also help in prevention of formation of kidney stones


Garlic used in mostly cooking as flavouring agent and its also have many health benefits they used to treat many diseases as wide range in cooked and non cooked way

Garlic contains antibiotic properties which they helps in fight aginst bacteria and virus diseases they reduce the lung cancer and gives protection

Garlic will kills the brain tumor causing cells and prevents the brain cancer in most efficiently it also helps in improvement of blood flow to heart and that's prevents from heart diseases

They extract the blood lipid fat from high blood blood cholesterol patients and helps in high control of bp,high intake of alcohol consumption may leads to liver cancer ginger will form an protective layer in liver and prevents damage helps in prevention of liver injury

Ginger is also highly effective in prevention of stomach ulcer and and also problems with digestion it also highly useful in bleeding and blood clotting disorder


Almonds they have many healthy benifits they are high in protein,fiber fats ,vitamin E and magnesium

These were having more health benefits in which they decrease the blood sugar levels and also lowers cholesterol levels

They also having the most significant in reducing the weight by reducing hunger but over eating of almonds may leads to breathe problems eating everyday one or two hand full of almonds is enough to reduce heart diseases

They contain high antioxidants that protect your cells from oxidative damage,they may used in control of blood sugar levels and cholesterol and also used to treat heart diseases

Almonds reduce the hunger level as a result intake calorie is also decreases which helps in weight loss


Ginger helps in lower risk of cancer ,they used to treat heart diseases,they have an anti-inflammatory agents which helps in inflammation or swelling,Reduces the risks of diabetics,helps to get releif from period pain

Taking ginger water daily halos in improving your digestive system which helps from indigestion ,nausea and heartburn

You can take ginger with combining tea or as it is raw 3-4 grams ,ginger also helps in reducing belly fat most effectively and helps in weight loss

Ginger can be an effective addition to your diabetes treatment and if you use it in moderation. Eating up to 4 grams per day may help lower your blood sugar levels and regulate insulin production which increase health benifits.


Turmeric is the most common ingredient used in cooking as flavouring agent,turmeric has properties of antiseptic which helps in kill/prevention of bacteria 

Majorly it helps in prevention of heart diseases , Alzheimer's and cancer ,it also contains anti inflammatory and antioxidants which helps in depression

Turmeric used for blemished skin and helps reduce redness ,The main reason turmeric antioxidants are so beneficial is that they protect your body from free radicals.

Consuming daily turmeric powder with water may increase the immune response system and stimulates anti oxidant enzymes.

Turning helps in reducing joints pain and also used to treat arthritis they reduce chronic inflammation while immune system response is low

They improve skin health and also known as blood thinners,you can treat problems like diabetes, gallbladder problems,and also used for Iron deficiency treatment,turmeric is used to increase liver functions and Also improve thyroid functions, turmeric are the good source of pigment rich vitamins.


  1. These are the best foods and tips also. If you take natural Chyawanprash daily along with these foods then this would be more effective.

    1. If you have more information please leave here to help others , thankyou 😊


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