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Download Pixel 4 Google Camera Gcam 7.3 A Helpful illustration guide | For all mobiles | Download

Download pixel 4 Google camera Gcam 7.3 A Helpful illustration guide | for all mobiles | Download

Pixel Cam 7.3 GCam is the most advanced modes camera for mobiles it gives perfect HDR pictures with high quality images 

Upto now it's the best Gcam cause it gives the detailed picture quality I have ever seen we can also modify settings to get best picture

If your mobile enabled from camera to Api it's the best Gcam in present all of the Gcams , you can download it by Google it in XDA developers,after downloading pixel cam uninstall if you had installed any other Gcam before and install pixel cam otherwise it pixel cam will not installed

Settings for detailed picture quality

After installing pixel cam Gcam 7.3  on opening it asks for some 4 permissions allow all of them 
At the top of the screen middle you seen an reverse arrow click on it you seen now some options like flash ,Google AWB shield be kept in off, timer your wish and screen ratio for better picture select 4:3 screen ratio

Now go to settings follow all these steps to get  detailed picture 

Model back camera select for pixel 4XL

Model front camera select for pixel 4XL

HDR+ enhanced frames mode kept for 10 frames

Allow the use of DCI-P3 colour space it allows you to cover most of the natural origin

Disable  zoom in potrait mod should be in disable

Now go to more options and fixe the maximum brightness should kept in off if enabled it  will increase screen brightness to maximum on view finder

Antibanding adjust for 60HZ

Touch focus duration go for 4 seconds

Force sabre merge method should be in off

Enable Lag fix that disable hexagon DSP to improve performance and eliminate application crashes , suitable for smartphones with Snapdragon 4XXX series

Disable focus mode that track on live objects tracking

Now get back and Google AWB for front cam should be in auto and also Google AWB for back cam should be in auto

In exposure options correction auto exposure should be in auto

Exposure compensation (main) should be  0.

Exposure compensation (night sight) should be 0.

View finder buttons should be disabled in all of libpatcher system button , sabre button and AWB button

Auxillary lens in the auxiliary lens enable the 2 and 3rd lens for better picture view

Libpatcher should be in disabled

Potrait saved to | DCIM | camera should be in disabled ,if you enable it will create separate potrait photos folders to share

Disable save location

Enable Google lens suggestions and camera sounds

Enable framing hints to take better photos

Enable save selfie save selfie as previewed it save pictures with same orientation seen in viewer

Disable Google photos in gestures select volume buttons for shutter and double tap for zoom

Grid type and frequent faces in off

In advanced section enable show dirty lens to know either the picture will be taken in good detailed or not

Disable HDR +  control it will stays always in HDR+ mode of enable we have to manually enable this while taking photos everytime you use the pixel camera

Disable Raw + Jpeg control ,store videos efficiently and social media path features

Set full resolution for camera photo resolution

Disable 4k time lapse and enable video stabilisation and bitrate for automatic

Make all these settings and now you have the best pixel camera setting for high detailed picture details



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