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High Profit Photography Business Ideas in India

These are the high Profit Photography Business Ideas in India:

1. Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography in India has the biggest market on average 31,000 - 33,000 weddings takes place in a day starting as wedding photography has great opportunities,at beginning start small functions and events in your family and take some photos with impressive way and ask them to get a deal for you from their next program,then expand your network from relatives to your village by showing samples it takes times to reach but definitely it's posible to get more wedding photography contacts with your expansion of work,Use new technology like latest drones,best lights adn great quality impressive shots,An average weeding photographer in India earns up to 4 lakhs per years

2. Event Photography

Event Photography give you many ways to earn not only from wedding make a team up with your buddies or partners and start a Event Photography it's the best way to earn more money make a deal with customers from small party to big events coverage Photography,through this we can earn more money cause it has included fro small to big events we can spread our brand to more people and we get more event orders easily

3. Stock photography

Stock photography is the world wide platform where you can sell your photos or make contact with websites like shutterstock,iStock,dreamstime,stocksy and earn money from them by posting your photos in their site,you get 30-50 cents from one image download, 100 cents is equal to 1$ and minimum payout is 35$ and you can get paid fastly after payout,create best quality and unique photos to attract one category type of people many of them getting paid thousand dollars every week by selling their photos.

4. Fashion Photography

Fashion Photography have different categories to select like high Fashion Photography,Steet Fashion Photography,Potrait Fashion Photography,Lifestyle Fashion Photography...etc go out and reach to some models and shoot their pictures in perfect stills and give to magazines to get fame after reaching certain level search for models to get paid for photoshoot,An average Fashion Photography earns $40,000 per year

5. Social Media

Create account on your photography in different social media lika Facebook,Twitter,YouTube,Instagram and post your all photos even it's wedding photography pictures or modelling pictures or event Photography pictures and spread your network through social media the person who needs and Searching best photographer in social media some of your photos will apear and they contact you for deal and get paid 

6. Professional Website

Start a blog with .lifestyle .Photography .in .com domain and publish your wedding,Events or Fashion pictures with detailed information about those pictures and how can you do with detailed cost the customers can reach you through website for their work, You can also start selling your images by placing them in website for youtubers and bloggers and get paid,Always get monitized your site with new seo techniques to reach more members easily by ranking your site,and share your site in different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and youtube channels.

7. Traveller Photography

The people who loves travelling traveller Photography is the best oppourtunity to take different photos of birds animals and travelling photos post those pictures in iStock, Shutterstock,like websites and earn money from them,an average travelling photographer can earn $3000 - $5000 per month,you can also print sell those pictures for private ones to get paid

8. High quality Digital Studio

Start high quality studio with best lightings camera and gadgets to create amazing photo edits,an average digital studio can earn up to 4 lakhs per year,you can accept the wedding photography projects and events and edit those footages with great effects and earn money 

9. Nature Photography

Nature photography is the best niche to select and low competiton you can earn from nature photography in many ways ,shoot nature pictures like trees , mountains,lakes,rivers,oceans and sky and get paid for posting them on iStock or Shutterstock...etc there are many bloggers and youtubers need the most nature pictures to use in thier blog or channel 

10. Commercial Photography

You can make deal with product owners and make them deal to make attractive design pictures for their product,you can also make deals with advertising agency to promote their logos and images,sell printed copies sell your photos on stock websites.

If you have any questions and comments please feel free to leave them below 😊.I hope you helped this Article 

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