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14 Agriculture Hand tools in India must Have for Modern Farming

These are the 14 must need hand tools in India for Agriculture


Earth Auger is the simple machine helps a farmer to drill holes in the field more easily without hardwork and these holes were used to planting big banana,coconut like trees  they can dig up to 8 feet much enough to planting. You will get the best Earth auger from amazon


There are many different knapSack Sprayers present in market they are used to spray pesticides/fungicides which protect plants from insects and many different types of bacteria ana virus and pesticides/fungicides depends upon the planted trees with the work of mortar and easy handles piston we can spray easily with no hardwork,best knapsack sprayer here from amazon


Pruning cutter is an scissor shaped big equipment used to cut an normal sized branches easily with their sharp edges they are used to cut trees above the parent bud it is the most common used tool for planting flowering plants and also for removing unwanted extra branches,you will gere besr pruning cutter here from amazon


High grade flowering water can with 5litre can ne must need for pouring water to newly growing plants 5 litre can be acceptable to carry and it saves wastage of water while releasing water through pump when there is shortage of water present,and it helps in prevention of over watering to plant,you get best watering can here from amazon


Tiller is an mini size machine handled with two hands it is used for loosen the top soil by breaking it into small peices it helps to grow plant roots easily to the ground and good for soil Aeriation,you will get best tiller here from amazon

6. AXE

 Axe is an common tool used forany purposes for cutting,chopping trees and many more the sharp edges of Axe and good handle can be given you great force to work and makes easy to cut any small size to big trees and barks,you will get the best Axe here from amazon


Soil miller is two handled present spikes at its rotating edges connected to mortar it helps to mix the soil and makes soil more fertilized after applying required fertilize the spike edges can mix the soil and also helps to loosen the top layer og ground for healthy and easy crop growth


Rake is an simple thing that had handle and spikes at its end and used for spreading and leveling the ground areas and breaks big hard soil makes straight rows for planting 


Spade is a hand tool used for digging it's an common tool to have on every farmer it used to dig,spread and leveling also for breaking hardened soil to make loose and with this we can easily dig and plant trees 

10. HOE

Hoe is an long handled stick at end with vertical shaped iron metal is present used to make soil at an required shape and remove weeds by clearing soil


Pickaxe is an iron made two sided sharp edges handled with wooden it is used to break hard rock, concrete and separate rock pieces 


Harrow is an plough equipment used to attach with tractor and plough it loosen up the soil and breaks down hardened soil along with rocks for easy plant growth and leveling


Sprinkler is an water spreading equipment attached to flowing water pipe it will automatically spreads the water into its surroundings with an up to 10 metres length it reduced our work and save time 


Trowel is also known as small spade easy handled used to digging ,smoothing and planting crops or small plants easily


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