Best Food Vlogging Tips: Make Money With Coocking Videos

Here is the List of Best Food Vlogging Tips

1. Use best Camera or Best Camera designed Mobiles to shoot

Use the best quality camera or high end camera mobile to Record your videos in most clear the high quality images gives an clear indepth detailed of object it makes your audience attract than the low quality videos 

2. Buy Suitable Tripod Stand to Merge with your kitchen 

Use an selective tripo stand best suitable to your kitchen it should be rotatable upto 360 degrees and can be increased its three stands heights adjustable separately individual stand  height

3. Apply Different Camera Lenses/Filters to Look more Colourful

I'm order to make your recording object like vegetables,fruits etc more attractive use different lenses that available in market Even you can have many filters if you were using mobile to vlog

4. Be Unique and Provide Tasty recipes

Don't copy others way of Vlogging be unique and create your own style for making videos, copying others may not lead you success,Always be curious to make different tasty category foods includes all types like curry,snacks,sweet....etc

5. Make sure to ask your Followers/Subscribers in Comment section what they Intrested

Every time you posting your video in any media make sure to ask them what they were intrested and what they want in your next video then select majority commented food item and try to provide it on next videi

6. Share your Videos in All Your Other Social Platforms

To get more views you need to share your all videos on your other social media platforms like Facebook,Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc to reach more members,trust me it works great of you have more followers in social media any of these category

7. Be Consistent

Post your videos regularly with time frequent and engage with your audience it makes to increase your followers try to reply evry comment to your videos and last thing dong be dissatisfy nobody comes views and audience easily be patient

8. Use High Quality Mouth for Clear Voice Recordings

The high quality mouth will record the clear detailed sound of your voice and its the most important thing for kitchen vlog cause your audience need to hear your each and every word to follow and prepare recipe

9. Give day tips 

Provide daily tips in your status and also each and evry video at the end it gives them to attract for your next tip 

These are the best ways to make money with Coocking Videos

1. YouTube

You can start YouTube channel on kitchen food recipe and get monetize your channel with 1000subscribers and 4000 watch hours them earn money from ads displayed in your videos youtube is the best platform and great media to reach all over the world

2. Blog

You can start a good recipe blog and earn from your views post up to 20 blogs and then apply for Adsense trust me many million searches were done from all over the world with different recipes how to can earn from ads displayed in your blog and number of views 

3. Fiverr

Fiverr is the site where you can post your work what you can do,you can post I will make a video on specefic recipe and add your cost and post in it the one who have food blog or youtube channel will contact you to make video and provide them to get your required paid amount

4. Freelance

Freelancer is also a plaform you can post what you can do and how much do you need for your word get paid for your work from who contacted to you through freelancer

5. Collaborate with Same Field

You can collaborate with same field like blogger or YouTuber and make earn by sharing your videos on their platform and earn share from them

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them below 😊