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Amazing 7 Brain Facts that Actually Proven Scientifically

Hello friends how are you? Have you ever think why our mind thinks more negative than positive? You will get answer after Reading this full Article

These are the 7 Amazing Brain facts that actually proven scientifically

1.Strong Willed mindset can change unchangeable things

If we fix one thing strongly, our mind can influence us to remove fear,bad habits even taughts that we never need to think,Think once you have done many things once that you had think that you can't do that thing,Male a strong will that you can do anything for example if you have stage fear remove those negative thoughts and replace with positive thoughts by saying to your mind i can do it I loved to give stage performance ,beleive me it's works you can see difference by doing this daily

2.Difference between Mind and brain

 You know what our brain is the physical matter and mind is the outcome response of thundering neurons in brain,And the surprising Mind control the brain,Here we can known that mind is more superior than brain 

3.Our mind can't know either it's imagination or Real

Our subconscious mind controls both our conscious mind and us,the thing was our subconscious mind never know whats real and imagination some researches shows that if a person sit at an place and thinks that he does excersise he will lose his weight,even if you think you doing workout in Gym it's too give you the same result by his imagination,

4.Your mind doesnt know what's best

Everyone thinks mind know all things what it says it's correct,but it's not true your mind always choose what's correct for you not whats best and suit for you,in our body we have Flight mode and fight mode systems,fight mode makes you to face any problem with dare and flight mode make you to escape or get far from that issue or problem,But our mind maximum time Activated flight mode to escape from problem cause your mind always thinks what's safe for you,thats why our mind never know whats best for you,But it's all upon you if you think you have to go in flight mode to face any problem you can go for it.

5.Your mind Attract to Negative things more fastly than positive

We human beings will always remember our failures more than the success,at same they always remember the bad words or bully from people than the applause from people,Even if he done 100 good things he feel bad for doing one bad thing these are called negative BIOS,if you were this condition you have to get rid of negative thoughts and fill with more positive thoughts 

6.your mind beliefs whatever you says

Many of them face failures because they don't have belief in them that they thinks i doesn't know anything I can't do anything these words listen by your mind and keep fix you in an failure stage stop those words and say yourself I can do everything possible due to negative bios our mind attract to negative fast so always try to think in best and positive way

7.your mind never accept new things as good 

Humans always fix to their habits they never want to change their habits,our thoughts changes to words and words to action,then actuom to habits,and we search for comfort in those habits and live in them which means we always tends to do only known things,if we try to learn new habits and things we feel more uncomfortable due to this reason,but it's not too difficult to change our habits we can change if we fix strongly,suppose if a person doing workout daily and even he thinks i am still heavy weight dosent loss my weight even some,he will never loss his weight but if he thinks he lossing his weight them mind activates to change habits and he reduces his weight


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