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Only 3% Billionaires Known This,It's Not Difficult To Earn Money,


In all over world present 3% billionaires and they maintaining 97% of money present all over the world

In all over world billionaires only 68% of them were self made billionaires,these people have one common thing that makes them billionaire 'POOR - HUNGRY - DRIVEN' if you have strong mindset to earn money it's not difficult to earn money

1.How to make money ?

In this article I'm going to say you two things earning money is tough cause after choosing an business and executing it and earning from them is nots easy 
2. Everyone cannot make money 
you have to make question yourself can I be ready for earning money,even now a days everyone asks whats your monthly salary,and they fixed to a state that money = salary but what's reality was money =time it's means how much time will you  spending for  a work, for example a jobber takes rest while he got rest and week offs but instead of taking rest you have to think what can I do in rest time to earn money 

TIP 1: Look for your problems and solve them 

1.program your mind to make money

We all birth same but our growing situations, environments makes our brain programming,we can rewrite our brain program,earning money like a miracle in single day is not possible,we have to change our mind programming settled by our situations and environment to new level to earn money

To earn money we have to know one thing everyone stops after thinking how to earn money,and they thinks it's an risk and again come to their routein life, instead of doing this if you work on your thoughts and never giving ok them you will see 100% result one day, According to gravitation principle if we work hard for money we get money,after when your actions turn to get starting income you think how can I get billionaire,many of them stops at this stage they think it's enough for me and at a certain place in their mind they think it's enough I get tired and bored, at this stage I have to give you tip no 2

* At this stage you have to add your smart work to your hard work we have to think how to earn from multiple revenue system instead of single revenue system,for example you take any billionaire in the world and look at him he earn income from multiple sources instead of single source,everyone have questions that how to get income from multiple sources but I already said only 3% of them have answers they work hard learn from their failures and get succeed,when you fix strongly to earn money instead of leaving after thinking about how to earn you earn money,after thinking a plan and if you fix to stand on your plan then it's time to reprogram your mind 

Small goals can get easily success but if you always failing due to your big goal you have to never give up each time your failure make you to get close to your goal to do it you have to build a money making habit and repeat it till you get succeed

2. 22 day visualisation technique to earn money

If you have clear idea,clear plan it's not enough to get success of you have don't beleif in yourself,to increase your belief in yourself you have to change your subconscious mind
You can change your subconscious mind to get success by doing this daily 

Dream daily that you have succeed in your goal daily
Never mind if it's big or small 
These three steps by doing 22 days your subconscious mind change in favour of  you to get succeed cause our actions depends upon  whats our subconscious mind says 


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