5 Best Home Theater System in India Under 20,000 | A Helpful illustrated Guide

5 Best Home Theater system in India under 20,000

Here is an complete helpful guide to buy an perfect Home Theater at your price range,we will sort out you the best Home Theater for you and you don't have to waste your time by searching all over

To buy an Home theatre you have look at these features before buying they were 

Connectivity options
Check what connectivity options were present before buying your home theater like HDMI,headphone Jack,Digital optical or digital coaxial cable,3.35 mm RCA

Speaker Layout

Speakers shape either it's sound bar or adjustable in shelfs of tv or make them stand on ground choose according to your requirement

Wired or wireless speakers ?

You have to check either your home theater comes with wired or wireless connection support along with Bluetooth,NFC or WiFi for controlling

Dolby Atmos?

Dolby atoms gives an great sound effect you can experience real things so once check does your home theater comes with Dolby atoms or not

Sub woofers

These are crucial for bass and great sound experience once check they give better performance or not 

Now it's time for you to select the best ones for you cause we we sort out them and you can select from below

5 Best Home Theater System in India Under 20,000

1. Sony HT-RT3 Real with 5.1ch Dolby Soundbar Home Theatre System 


1. Sony HT-RT3 can easily Fill your room with the  5.1 channel real experinencing sound

3. The Body size Width,Height,and Depth is 90x5.2x7cm and the SUBWOOFER SIZE Width, height,depth is19x39.2x31.5cm

3. An amazing power output of 600W
Easy Bluetooth connectivity along with NFC and one-touch wireless audio streaming can be done and BLUETOOTH device should be within 1 meter from  Sub-woofer

4. USB audio playback is also available, Great-sounding effect music in one step with ClearAudio

5. You can easily Browse music list of pen-drive from a distance using an application Songpal 

2. Philips HTL3320 3.1 CH 300 W Bluetooth Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer, Dolby Digital Surround Sound, Optical Input and HDMI ARC

1.phillips HTL3320 comes with an 3 channels along with midrange drivers and tweeters

2. The Central speaker used for sparkling dialogue and hear every word

3. Present Wireless subwoofer and deeper bass

4. The Dolby audio,will show the real power of the action

5. It gives 300 W output with powerful sound

6. Robust metal grille used for crystal clear sound

7. Better Bluetooth and USB connections are present

8. HDMI-out (ARC) control the soundbar along with your TV remote

9. It has Dmstylish geometrical design with low profile

10. Present Slim-Body subwoofer, place on TV table,the wall or flat surface,it alsi had L28 wall brackets included

3. Polk Audio Signa S2 Ultra-Slim Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer, HDMI, Bluetooth Enabled Music Streaming (Black)


1. Great Performance sound driver  and Dolby Digital 5.1 decoding will produce incredible room surround sound from a compact low-profile sound bar with wireless subwoofer

2. It Works with 4K TVs and HD TVs — box also comes with HDMI cable included. Watch your favourite shows with indepth contrast

3. Enjoy Fast and seamless connection to your TV.This Slim size fits perfect in most spaces and  easily wall-mount, set it in front of your TV

4. Customize the voice levels you required in sound bar to reproduce clear,indepth detailed dialogue and never miss a single voice word of your favourite movie, Bluetooth helps you lets you stream music directly from your smartphone, tablet or any other compatible devices

5. You will Feel the powerful deep bass impact when you’re watching or listening to with help of  included compact wireless subwoofer

6. You can Send audio from smart TV by built-in apps and source connected directly to the tv via a single HDMI cable

7. Hear it without disturbing near house holders  and you have access around home by using Night Mode 

4. Sony DAV-DZ350 Real 5.1ch Dolby Digital DVD Home Theatre System

1. Sony DAV comes with an Stylish Quartz Monolithic designed with an 5.1 channel System 

2. Comes with Monolithic-Design with 5.1 channel System with DVD Player

3. A USB Movie Playback  helps to play Home and MPEG-4 Simple Profile

4. Bluetooth connectivity can supports only MP3 with 5HDMI Output (1080p for DVD)

6  It comes with No wifi, No internet, wired speakers, No aux, RCA and optical IN supported

7. It gives good sound quality

5. JBL Cinema SB261 2.1 Channel Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer (220 Watts, Dolby Digital, Extra Deep Bass)

1. It comes with 220W Immersive great Sound Output

2. The 2.1 Channel Soundbar with Wireless subwoofer is used for Extra Deep Bass

3. You can experience Ultimate Cinematic Experience with Dolby Audio produced

4. You can enjoy Wireless music streaming via Bluetooth

5. It operated with only One cable connection with HDMI ARC

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