How to Fix Airtel 4G Slow Internet Network problem to get High Speed Internet| A Helpful Guide

 You can Fix Airtel 4G Slow Internet Network problem to get High Speed Internet by:

1. Change APN Settings For high speed

To change APN settings of your airtel go to settings then select dual sim and networks there you can see at bottom "Access Point Name" Now at the right top side you can see + symbol press on it now you have to create an new APN follow all my steps to get high speed 4g internet speed 

In APN settings set Name to Thunder 5G X89 ,now set APN to 5Ganet leave the both proxy and port and set Username to Speed.Boost and now leave the password and Fill server as after entering server name keep MMSC,MMS Proxy,MMS Port as empty and enter MCC Value 405 and MNC value 873,Now on Authentication Type select  PAP Setting in APN Type save default.supl and ApN Protocol/APN Roaming Protocol to IPV4/IPV6, in Bearer type of it is checked in Unspecified box then now Unselect unspecified and select all except unspecified and save these settings for high Airtel internet speed

Here is the simple value you can enter them easily 

APN Settings

Name                             Thunder 5G X89

APN                                5GNet

Proxy                                -----------

Port                                   -----------

Username                       Speed.Boost

Password                          -----------


MMSC                                ------------

MMS Proxy                       ------------

MMS Port                          ------------

MCC                                    405

MNC                                    873

Authentication Type        PAP

APN Type                           default.supl

APN Protocol                     Ipv4/Ipv6

APN Roaming Protocol    Ipv4/Ipv6

Bearer                                 select all except                                                          unspecified

Now at top right side you can see SAVE,save your settings  and come back now select this APN settings as default  and restart your device 

These APN Settings can fix your Airtel slow internet problem 100% and now can experience great Airtel internet after restarting your device

In the place of APN protocol and APN Roaming you can also select IPV4 or IPV6 but it's better to select IPV4/IPV6 for high speed internet

2. Turn Off Data roaming

You face slow internet problem it may also cause due to your data roaming is on to off this go to settings then networks and connections there you can find Data Roaming make sure it's in off,if data roaming is on them off this setting,to get high speed Airtel internet

3. Hard Restart Your Device

Sometimes Internet speed also depend upon device problem to fix this you have to Hard Restart your device to do this Long press your mobile power button and volume down button at same time up to 12 seconds it makes your device switch off and on this simple hard restart can fix many bugs that present in your mobile,After hard restarting you Airtel slow internet problem solved 

4. Close Background running Apps

Internet speed is also slow if there are number of background apps were running these app may consume more and and while you using any app or browser you face slow network connection to fix this always try to close all Background running apps immediately after usage of them to increase your Airtel 4G internet speed 

5. Get Gprs Settings through Sms

You can get Gprs settings for high speed internet directly from Airtel Simply by sending SMS MO to 54321 after sending sms you can get Gprs settings as sms save and install them manually to increase your Airtel internet speed

6. Reset Network settings

A simple Network Reset can make your internet speed increase to reset your network go to settings then select Network  there you can see at bottom reset option tap on it,It will asks you to rest Network settings to default then press ok and save these settings,this can fix your problem and speed up your airtel internet speed

These are 100% working  solutions to increase your Airtel internet speed to maximum

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them on below comment box 😊

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