Fix Dell Latitude WiFi not Working | A Helpful illustrated Guide

You can Fix Dell Latitude Laptop WiFi not Working by these :

If your Dell Latitude were facing wifi not Working problem then you were in the correct place to solve your WiFi not Working problem 100%,These are the most accurate ways to fix your problem

1. Command prompt IP Reset

Open start and type CMD and you have to right click on command prompt and run it as administrator and click on yes and now prompt window opens 
1. Now in prompt window type "netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog .txt" and enter
2. Now command "netsh winsock reset"and press enter
3. Now type "ipconfig/flushdns"and enter
4. Type Exit and press enter 
Now restart your laptop and  your problem Dell Latitude Laptop WiFi not Working problem will be fixed

2. Changing Adapter Properties

Open start and type Control panel now follow these steps
1. Open control panel
2. Now open Network and Internet
3. Click on network and sharing center
4. Click on change Adapter settings
5. Now right click on your Network adapter and then select properties
6. Now a window pop ups with an options select INTERNET PROTOCOL 4 (TCP/IPV4) and click on properties now select the setting USE THE FOLLOWING DNS SERVER ADDRESSES now in PREFFERED DNS TYPE: and in ALTERNATE DNS TYPE: and press Ok,now Restart your laptop and your problem Dell Latitude Laptop WiFi not Working problem will be fixed

3. Uninstalling Network Driver

Open start and type device manager and there you can see all system drivers installed,Now expand Network Adapters
1. Right click in Network Adapter
2. It shows you the Installed driver right click on it and it shows options like update,uninstall,properties ..etv
3. Now select Uninstall device and press OK
4. After Uninstalling Restart your system and your problem Dell Latitude Laptop WiFi not Working problem will be fixed

4. Network Reset

Open start and go to settings and click on Network & Settings now at right side you can see setting NETWORK RESET click on it and it will asks you RESET NOW click on it and press on yes on asking for restart now your system will be restarted and your problem Dell Latitude Laptop WiFi not Working problem will be fixed

5. Changing LAN settings

Go to start and open control panel now open Network and Internet
1. Now click on Internet Options
2. It opens the connections tab
3. In connections tab go to Local Area Network settings
4. At bottom of you can see LAN settings Click on LAN Settings
5. In LAN Settings below Proxy server you can see Use a proxy server for your LAN it has selected you have to Unselect this setting by uncheck the box and press on ok and restart your system and your problem will be fixed

6. Recovery Options

Go to start and type Recovery Option,click on recovery Options and at the right side you can see Advanced startup setting
1. At below advanced startup you can see restart now option click on it and your system restart now 
2. After restart it asks for you to choose an option click on troubleshoot
3. In troubleshoot it shows two options Reset this pc and Advanced options 
4. Click on Advanced options 
5. Now at right side you can see setting system restore click on it
6. It will asks you to select your account to restore and press next 
7. Select your restore point and press Next and yes 
8. Now wait for your system to restore and your problem fixed

7. Restore Advanced settings

Go to start and then type Control panel 
1. In control panel go to setting Internet Options 
2. Now a settings tab open go to Advanced in advanced 
3. Click on restore advanced settings and Apply then press ok 
4. It will fix all your network problems

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