how to fix error android.process.acore has stopped working| A Helpful Guide to solve

 You can Fix error android.process.acore has stopped working by:

1. Delete Phone Cached data

You can solve unfortunately the process android.process.acore stopped problem by simply going to settings then internal storage there you can find phone storage now go to phone storage and in phone storage at bottom you see phone storage cahched data press on it and now clear caged data now restart your device and your problem fixed 

2. Clear all apps data

If first method doesn't work then try this go to settings there you can find Apps open the setting apps now it shows all apps that were installed on your device now try to open every app and at bottom you can see clear cache and data now clear them,do this for all apps installed on your device and restart your mobile now it will fix your 
android.process.acore has stopped working

3.  Hard Restart

Try to Hard restart your device  to fix this issue you can hard restart your mobile easily by pressing and holding both power button and volume down button for 10 seconds until your mobile switches off and on,a normal hard restart can fix many issues that effects on mobile performance and fix them,try this to fix android.process.acore has stopped working

4. Reset all apps Preferences

You can also try to reset all apps Preferences to do this go to settings then apps there on at right top side you can see three dots select them and its shows you the option Reset all app preferences then select this setting and all your apps Preferences get resettled now reboot your mobile and your android.process.acore has stopped working has fixed

5. Uninstall google play store update

It will fix your android.process.acore has stopped working problem 90% to do this go to settings then apps and in apps section find google play store and open this app now it shows you an option Uninstall udate you have to uninstall showing uninstall update by tapping on it and will fix in most 90% cases 

6. Factory Reset

IF any of the above methods not working then Factory Reset is the final step to fix 100% your android.process.acore has stopped working problem,to factory reset go to settings about phone and there you can see factory reset Option,A factory reset can erase all data present in your mobile so back up all your data and factory reset

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