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How to Fix PS4 Over Heating,Shutdown problem,A Complete Helpful illustrated Guide

 You can Fix Your PS4 Over Heating,Shutdown Problem by these simple steps:

1. Delete the game of your Hard drive and reinstall

Your PS4 heated up when you are playing an particular game that just reading the wrong way of the hard drive, improper installation or corrupted data which cause reason for more energy usage to run and thid may leads to over heating issue and sometimes it's shutdown automatically
To fix this you have to delete the game of your hard drive which you face this problem and reinstall fresh,this makes proper installation of game in your  hardware and fix your problem 

To delete get to the PlayStation home screen,Now get on the game that giving you overheating issue and press on options and delete the game it asks you to fully delete the game then press ok to delete it ,After reinstalling it's fix proper installation and mainly it fix your PS4 Overheating problem and Shutdown problem

2. Clean your PS4 regularly

If you are having an older unit of PS4 on going time it exposed to Air dust,dirt and enter into internal parts of your PS4 at this time fan usually don't show its effect great on then so make sure always you keep your PlayStation 4 as much as you can

At the back side of your PlayStation unit vent part will always exposed to Air dust and from there they enter into the internal parts Always keep your PlayStation clean dust free to get smooth experience while gaming and for long lasting,you should clean your PS4 backside vent thoroughly with micro fiber towel to keep it clean and prevent dirt,dust entering
My best suggestion is to use air canster to blow up dust particles and you can easily use with with just pressing on it you can buy best Gas dust Off  from here
You can buy best Dust off fro here πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

3. Repairing Thermal Paste

As going on time ageing your ps4 the thermal paste which presents in between your PlayStation parts  gets damaged due to over heat, by damaging the thermal paste its the major cause for your PS4 over heating ,if you are good enough knowledge to open up all your unit parts carefully then you can fix all thermal paste with alternative and seal carefully by making this you can fix your PS4 over heating/shutdown problem,there are many videos in youtube you can learn if you don't know how to repair thermal paste and replace
I think it's better to give it to an near best service centre you trust and make a deal to repair it by them,It's even too dangerous if you don't have minimum knowledge and trying own cause it may leads to damage your PlayStation by yourself.

4. Use vertical stand for more Body/Air Exposure

Everyone knows that if the heat object surface area suspended in air is more then it's cooling time is also less, if your PlayStation PS4 was placed in an table or whatever you used the bottom of your unit is in contacted with surface as a result there's no flow of air contact at bottom,if the bottom of your unit is also exposing to Air then the heat will reduces more faster than placing horizontally
To fix this problem you can use any objects with 4 same equal heights with 2cm wide and placing them on four corners makes your PlayStation PS4 flow air even on its bottom and helps in reducing the heat quickly 

You can also use vertical stands which your PlayStation can be holding on vertically by using stands,it's best option you can buy best vertical stands for your PS4 over here
You can buy best vertical stand from hereπŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

5. Heavy load more heat 

If you were playing heavy games like call of duty and hooked up with 100 members and using Bluetooth connection,headphones and wifi connection all these at same time will make mor load of work your PlayStation so your ps4 heated up with different heavy functions at same time this is one of the major cause even faced by new PS4 users,you have to take care of your expensive PS4 take steps how to use and its prevent more load functions for your PS4 long lasting without any problem,many of them makes the same mistake they even play for hours without giving gap and will all those above stuff will definitely cause more heating

6. Make your PS4 back is space free

If you have placed your PlayStation infront of wall or any object then you are making am big mistakes cause PlayStation PS4 has fans in backside of it these fans will helps to make flow air inner parts to outside which makes inner parts of your unit cool down,If anything that oppose the fans then it's an serious issue where the fans cannot show their effect even it's running cause the object or wall which opposes will prevent the out flow of air

So,always make sure to keep your PlayStation PS4 in an enough space free to absorb air and release your PlayStation heat 

These all are my personal experimental results and think these will fix all your ps4 over heating and shutdown problems,please subscribe to our website to get instant notifications when an new article published

Guys,if you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them on the below comment box 😊


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