How to Fix Realme 6 Heating Problem | A Helpful Guide

 You can Fix 6 Realme 6 Heating Problem by:

Many of the Realme 6 mobile users Facing heavy heating problem while they using these are the ways to fix your problem

1. Force stop Background Running Apps

Realme 6 mobile causes Over Heating due to background runnings apps,many of us usually makes this common mistakes some of us will open app and after usage they will open and use another app,Due to this these background apps will run on background if you were didn't closed those apps properly,You can Forcestop all apps simply by going to settings>Apps>select every app and Forcestop all apps this will fix your heating problem,Some apps will asks permissions after installing like power,storage and many more and start running background which causes over heating by force stopping these will act like not present in mobile,you can also use any app fro playstore which within one tap you can Forcestop all apps.

2. Free Atleast 30% Storage Free

If the storage of your Realme 6 is used up to 90% or above then it will shows its it's effect of mobile performance which cause lag and utilise more power consumption while using mobile so always we have to make sure that atleast 30% of storage is free in Realme 6 to avoid heating problem and save your battery performance,you can easily identify Realme 6 mobile performance while in heavy storage usage and in more space usage

3. Software Update 

Software update is the primary reason for many problems causing in Realme 6 if  a mobile got software update them it stop working Properly and we face many problems to fix these bugs we have to check for regularly for Software updates and update your Realme 6 to latest version for better performance

4. Remove Realme 6 back Case

Every mobile will release heat and radiation while using of heat or radiation is  can be blocked by your Realme 6 back case  and increase internal  heat which makes your mobile over heat so my suggestion is to always use mobile without any back case,if the mobile body to Air contact is more them the heat or radiation is easily spread out and cools down your device  

5. Force Restart

 Hard restart your Realme 6 mobile to fix this issue you can hard restart your mobile simply by pressing and holding both volume down button and power button for 12 seconds until your mobile switch off and on,A normal hard restart can fix Realme 6 causing many issues that effects on mobile performance and fix them,try Force Restart to fix Realme 6 Heating Problem

6. Uninstall and Reinstall Heat causing App

If you are playing heavy games like PUBG,COD or any game if you face over heating problem then this cause due to the improper installation or Corrupted data of game can causes heating issue due to using more energy to run, so you have to uninstall and reinstall the game to to properly install and solve your issue

7. Stop using while Charging 

Stop use ng your Realme 6 while charging if you were using then the discharge of power and inflow of power is in the same time which causes the heating of your mobile,so never make this mistake this also cause your battery life decrease in going time due to damaging of battery cells.

8. Factory Reset

Now finally if above methods not Fixed  then Factory Reset is the final step to fix  your android Realme 6 mobile heating problem ,to factory reset go to settings about phone and there you can find factory reset Option,A factory reset can erase all your Realme 6 data present in your mobile so back up all your data and factory reset it will fix 99% of your Realme 6 mobile heating issue

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