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How to Fix Realme 6 Touch Lag,Multi Touch problem| A Helpful Guide

 You can fix Realme 6 Touch Lag,Multi Touch problems: 

1. Clean your Realme 6 storage atleast keep half storage free 

Always keep your mobile storage free atleast half of your internal storage, if  64gb then make sure to have 12gb free space and then 124gb 20gb free is minimum required,while your mobile had increased storage usage it shows its effect on mobile working speed,so make sure to have half storage clean atleast to get peak level mobile Performance.

2. Stop use mobile while in charge

Donte use phone while in Charge mode It is normal for any mobile while charging internal mobile have strong current field which makes your touch non responsive or delay and its also not safe for your battery while using on charge it decreases your battery life 

3. Always use New version Apps from store 

Touch response may be also lags due to using apps which are not updated app,if you facing lag during using any app then go to playstore and check either app got any new version  then update and it will fix,it may caused normal In many mobiles due to using of non updated app versions.

4. Wet conditions shows lag,so make sure to no wet particles present on using mobile

Touch will not respond properly if wet particles were present on hands make sure to keep your hands always dry,if you done any work and if have sweat make sure to clean and use to avoid multi touch response problem.

5. Removing  broken screen guard or low quality

The broken glass protector may have many chances to enter air and block in them which cause touch issues for non response,even it may also cause due to using low quality glass protector due to incomplete attach and bubble forming  by using low quality.


6. Factory Reset your Realme 6

Even if you have lagging problems after doing all things please try to factory Reset you Realme 6 phone and check , it sets right if it not fixed then go to near realme mobile showroom and give for repair

7. Stop using while mobile in over heated

After plaing havy games like pubg or COD phone gets heated up many will go and charge fastly without leaving mobile for atleast 10 min wait, it leads to many issues like battery performance decrease,so wait for 10 min atleast after playing games and kept for charge for safety. 

8. Software update

Software update is the primary reason for many issues causing in mobile if  a mobile got software update them it stop working fully and we detect many problems to fix them we have to check for updates regularly and update our device to latest version for better and fast experience

If you have any questions and comments please feel free to leave them below 😊 


  1. Lagging problem. Realme 6. Please slove our problem

  2. Realmi 6 solow kam kar ra he atak atak ke chal ra he

  3. I'm really really really fucking disappointed for buying this stupid realme 6 pro. I CANT PLAY PUBG MOBILE SMOOTHLY even in lowest graphics/framerate. Mga bulok Sistema nyo "PUTANG INA NYO"

    1. tama ka dyan lods di makalaro ng maayos kahit malakas ang wifi hahahahahaha

  4. Realme 6i user always lag!!! Ubos na ibang apps kaka uninstall para lang di mag lag codm pero lag parin always! Disappointed


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