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How to Fix Realme C11,5i,C2,6 Touch Lag,Multi Touch problem| A Helpful Guide

You can fix Realme C11,5i,C2,6 Touch Lag,Multi Touch problems: 

1. Close all Background running apps

Everyone do this common mistake they open app and used for sometime and they come to home page and go to next app and use another app for some and they do repeat the same by doing this they doesn't know that all apps were working background they consume data ana battery to run background even without using those apps,we have to close each app after using  them,increasing background runnings apps will also increase the number tasks for your mobile to run as a result this will cause your touch lag or slow response issues,so don't do these mistakes ever.

2. Hard Reset your device

Doing hard reset will fix many problems you can do it simply by holding the power button and volume up button for 10-15 seconds your mobile will switches off and on don't afraid your mobile will be in safe, this is an hard reset it will fix if your mobile facing any lag issues,trust me it works great if it works for you then thank me at below comment box😊.

3. Clear heavy storage data

If you were facing lag too much slow touch response then go to plays tore and download any app like File explorer that shows all data details of your storage then scan/locate for large files and delete unwanted files many off them download movies,songs,web series they were in larger size and occupy your internal storage by decrease in the storage space it effects on performance even if you have less apps,also try to clear cache off all installed apps in your device.

4. Stop mobile Usage in Charging mode

Now a days it's become common for many people they use mobile phone by connecting with charger it's very dangerous too,after heavy of mobiles for heavy games their batter cells get damaged/death after an year its battery performance gets decreased to half of its life due to damaged cells in battery,as a result many of us will use mobile by connecting usb cable while it's still charging,as all we know while charging there is an flow of electricity in mobile all parts it fluctuates the screen response due to flowing power as a result we feel touch lag or multi touch or slow response issues,to fix this issue stop doing these mistakes.

5. Update to upgrade your mobile performance

It's true update to upgrade performance,you have to enable auto updates in playstore on mobile data it will makes to search for all apps updates present in your mobile and it updates automatically if any app got update,if a app got any update and you doesn't updated that app and using them ,they show many problems like auto force stop, and also unusual response this makes app not to response properly as a result you feel touch lag,or slow response,so always use update applications from play store.

6. Peel off quality less or unusual screen protector

The major cause of your Realme mobile touch lag,slow response or multi touch problem is using quality less or unusual screen protector many of us will apply screen protector in their near shops without checking weither it's high quality tempered glass or not,they used to apply different type of screen protectors like D+,9h hardness...etc with quality less products don't use those if you were facing any touch lag issue then peel off your quality less screen protector and use your issue now fixed.

7. To fix 100% then Factory reset your mobile

By doing factory reset it will fix many problems more than hard reset if you facing touch lag in your Realme mobile then Factory reset your device it will erase all data makes your phone works great,so once factory reset your device and check if your problem solved comment on below section 😊.

8. More space more fast

As I already said if your mobile have more free space then your mobile also gives you an maximum performance,always try to make free your storage as much as you possible,you can experience your mobile performance after making your device more free space than the less space.

If you have any questions and comments please feel free to leave them on below comment section 👍


  1. What I should do if my phone is suddenly power off and it will be automatic on after 1hr and 30 mins but the automatic off añd on in the setting is is not active?

    1. Back up your data and Reset your device it will fix your issue👍

  2. Replies
    1. It literally just fps drop even my storage is not full I just buy it tomorrow and I can't play codm mobile. Not in just codm in every game also

    2. Codm is for very hign end devices now you needed 6gb ram to play 60 fps + and also it takes all storage of your phone almost 10gb of space

  3. Why realme c11 keyboard is so slow respond when I play a game?It took one minute to respond or no responed at all,I feel disappointed with this phone.

    1. Correct use of your phone, check your settings, your animation speed. Try to explore the settings, understand each and adjust if needed, also monitor your storage.

    2. Same Thats why I always rage :>

  4. Replies
    1. its not the worst, proper handling will make it the best.

    2. Literally it's the worst I just bought it yesterday

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