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How to fix Realme C2,C3,5,X,X2 pro slow charging problem,Issue | For all Realme mobiles

You can fix your Realme C2,C3,3,5,X,X2 Pro device charging slowly 100% by checking these things like usb, Adapter, charging port,Software Update and Using conditions.

Now let's get into the article in this article you will know how to fix your mobile slow charging and make your device charging fast

You can fix your Realme C2,C3,3,5,XX2 Pro device by these methods:

1. Always use original Realme usb cable

Everyone makes mistakes while their original usb cable damaged they tried to use other local cables for charging it's big mistake made by many people usually Realme mobiles were highly manufactured to use only their Realme cables for charging

Have you ever tried charging your Realme device with other cables than original let me show something that really helps you to understand well

when you tried to charge your mobile with other than Realme usb or even with Redmi ,vivo or oppo cable in charging round decimal which shows the charging percentage it will never shows the small decimal below running for each percentage up to 100 to increase one charging point 

You can notice that small decimal percentage will runs from 0-100 to increase one point when you connected and used original Realme cable with vooc like above picture,if you like the wallpaper in my Realme mobile you can read my article about gcam that works perfectly on my site for all Realme mobiles with indepth detailed pictures with perfect nightsight along with astrophotography.

Even if you were facing slow charging while using with original usb cable you have to check weither it's the problem with cable or adapter

2. Change charger/Adapter

Everytime it's not the problem with usb cable slow charging may also cause due to the damaged adapter,even if you were using original usb and facing slow charging problem cross check with another usb check once with other Realme cable and try to charge if again slow charging now try to check with another Realme mobile with your charger even it's charging slowly now you have to fix that it's time to change your adapter, charging two or three mobile with different cables and same adapter may cause damage of your adapter due to inserting and removing of usb cables may fluctuate current flow in charger/adapter cause it's damage it also damage your mobile battery so,make sure to use original one without charging two or three different model mobiles with single charger/adapter

Don't damage your valuable mobiles with using local charger/adapters or cables,everybody do these common mistakes try to don't repeat these problems buy new original adapter from Realme store as fast as you can cause any adapter may not replace your original adapter and its works .

3. Repair charging port

If your charger working properly even you facing slow charging then I can say it's  due to the damage of your mobile charging port,you have to replace your mobile charging port to fix your problem ,check once you can notice with your eye,mobile charging port may also damage  due to several reasons by falling down while charging and leaving mobile with cable by hanging it without any support but only on usb cable,forcefully connecting usb while charging....etc never make these mistakes at any time which leads to  damage of your mobile charging port,you can easily know either your usb port damaged or not by your mobile may charged up to 100% within 2-3 minutes and decreases within no time.
Be careful before repairing your Realme mobile if your device have warrenty then go to Realme service centre at nearest place it's better to get serviced freely instead of losing your warranty by opening at other normal service centres,if your warranty period expired then it's better to repair your charging port at nearest best mobile service centre.

4.Update software

Sometimes the problem of slow charging also happens due to not updating your software to newer version ,cause every month Realme will release security patch along with fixing some issues facing by users along with slow charging you may also face some issues like touch lag or battery draining fastly,make sure always you were using updated software version

Something bad occuring with Realme mobies i dont know why many mobiles doesn't get security patch and software updates automatically,there is also way to install latest version of software from official website by downloading latest version,not only charging issues but also many issues can be faced if you don't update your mobile to newer version,your mobile may automatically switches off and on itself,all of sudden charge may decreased to 0% and switched off,so to avoid these problems update frequently when you got software update.

5. Stop using wile charging

If you were using mobile continuously while in charging mode it makes your battery damage and battery cells get death due to rapid discharge of energy and inflow energy at the same time it makes your battery life time low even of you were fully charged your mobile will get decreased even without using mobile it may also leads to slow charging due to damaged cells in battery,avoid these mistakes to protect your device and makes your device last longer life.

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