How to Fix WiFi connected but no Internet problem on Android | A Complete Helpful Guide

You can Fix WiFi connected,no internet problem on Android by Code testing mode, Reset Network Options and by Enable Aggresive WiFi to mobile hand.

You can Fix WiFi connected,no internet By these three methods:

1. Code testing mode

This is one of the most important settings you have to do if you were facing problem when your device connected to wifi it's showing no internet,to fix this just follow these steps 
Step no:1 
Go to the dial pad and then press *#*#4636#*#* it takes you to an testing mode where you can see options like  phone information,usage statistics,Wifi information
Step no:2
Now select the wifi information and tap on it,It will takes you to settings and display options like WiFi API,WiFi config,WiFi status
Step no:3
Tap on WiFi status and it will shows all your WiFi state about your device WiFi status Enabled or not and details about connected to which network and speed details at fourth position you can see information of RSSI now follow step no 4
Step no:4
If RSSI show  a value it will change upon refreshing, now at the top the screen below settings you can see "REFRESH STATUS" tap on refresh status about 10-15 times until it change details about RSSI when you see details about RSSI then it's done,Now you will get data and your WiFi connected,no internet problem solved

In most cases the 50% of them will fix by the above method of you have still facing the same problem after trying the code testing the I have more two methods to fix your problem 100% 

2. Reset Network Options

You can also fix this problem by Reset Options to do so following theses steps
Step no:1
 Go to settings and the find the "system" in Settings sections and tap on it it will show some options in that select "Reset Options" and tap on it
Step no:2
By tapping on Reset Options it shows an menu with options like Reset WifI,Mobile & Bluetooth,Reset app Preference,Erase all data now select Reset WifI Mobile & Bluetooth and tap on it
Step no:3
Now it will show details like wiFi, Bluetooth and mobile data to reset,at bottom you can see the option to reset all of then "Reset Settings" tap on it and it will automatically resets your WiFi network problems along with mobile internet issues and Bluetooth connection problems

After doing this I will guarantee you 100% your wiFi connected,no internet problem will solved without any problem,these two methods will works great and I'm pretty sure you fix this issue with these two methods.

3. Enable Aggressive WiFi to mobile hand

You can also fix your issue wiFi connected,no internet by Enable Aggresive WiFi to mobile hand to do this you have to enable development options,you enable developer options by simply going to settings then about phone then Build number,Now tap 7 times on it to enable developer mode,After enable developer options,Now go to settings then developer optins you can see many options in developer options scroll and point "Aggressive WiFi to mobile hand"setting it present in an disabled mode you have to enable it,After enabled it will boost up your WiFi broadband network connection.

After settings all these three you have to reboot your device and connect to WiFi, Congratulations now your problem fixed 100% and connected to wifi without any problem .

* These problems may also cause due to problems in router so make sure after all doing these three things once reset/restart your router with reset button and turn off and on then try to connect

* you can also try deleting saved wifi networks by going to wifi then advanced settings and  saved networks then tap on your WiFi and forget/remove,Now try to reconnect with correct password, this also works great to fix this problem 

These are the most working methods to solve WiFi connected,no internet problem 100% in almost all android devices,cause I already faced this problem and solved this problem in almost all model phones like samsung,Redmi,Realme ,oppo,OnePlus and many different models

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