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How to get Onyx Cloud serpent

To get Onyx could serpent first you must have exalted with an shadow pan and then you have to be reserved with golden lotus now you need to exalted with Order of cloud serpent to ride it,Now go to the map SHADOW PAN  GARISSION,in pandaria townlong stepped now Accept mogu instructions,now move to quest and kill the dudes after completing quest you get rewards Reins of the onyx cloud for surprising attack collect them,now move on to next quest and defeat mogu invasion and move to shadow pan garission and now we simply hand then and now mount is ours,now collect the rewards Reins of onyx cloud and complete quest,now go to bag pack and collect 

How to get Heavenly onyx cloud serpent

To get Heavenly onyx cloud serpent you have to kill Sha of Anger,the portal to pandaria is found in portal room inORGRIMMER and STORMWIND this will end up you in giants forest once you there you should fly to west of KUN-LAI SUMMIT Sha of Anger Spawns every 15 minutes and can be killed once in a week with each character

Here it's an easy method to kill

you can  literally kill all the red cloud
serpents on within time,have you ever  thinking I would
get the mount and was unable to kill the
black one here it is an solution you have to left the area for 2-3 months that makes you higher level and you can  kill easily everything without  struggle and
waiting upon your video, now went back and wait like for your time ,for the respawn of the black cloud serpent
as he started his route towards back the
area you should attack him, this is gonna works great and the very 1st try he will drops the mount

How to get Thundering onyx cloud serpent

To get Thundering onyx cloud serpent mount go to pandaria,Isle of thunder this mount is dropped by rare elite mob Huolon ,this Huolon spawns at the bridge and fly around the blazing way,to find him make macro "/tar Huol" everyone who tries to kill Huolon will get their loot ,the huolon has two moves ,now go to the one who damages more and stand beside him,now move out of the blue circles and the drop rate of mount is only 1% goodluck on getting it ,for the short time tha mount is also tradable for the one who shares same tag Then you will get the mount value of 50k gold for further use

How to get reins onyx cloud serpent

Class trials will not loot: Time-Lost
Proto-Drake (Reins of the Time-Lost
Proto-Drake), Aeonaxx (Reins of 
Phosphorescent Stone Drake), Huolon
(Reins of Thundering Onyx Cloud
Serpent). Poseidus (Reins of Poseidus)
,If The new "level 110 class trial" only last
for an 3 hours, down from the 7 hours the
old Legion level 100 class trial" lasted,If 
Auto accept is also removed for the pre-made groups, you even unable to  invite yourself to a party from the trial character with the same account.the only method that works is having TWO accounts/ multiboxing and inviting "regular character (account #1) with your 110 trial character (account #2), note that your "regular" character needs to be level 110 or less, the DK+Demon Hunter combo is 100% legit and therefore works perfectly  that would be a permanent level 100 character that can loot anything.

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