How to Use Mobile Phone as WiFi Repeater | Use WiFi and Hotspot at same time Android

You can use your mobile device as WiFi Repeater simply after your mobile connected to WiFi go to settings then Other Wireless connections then  Enable WiFi Tethering,It makes to open hotspot in WiFi connected mobile,You can connect with another device to it and use internet of WiFi indirectly from hotspot of WiFi connected mobile.

Follow these steps to use your mobile phone as WiFi Repeater/Use both WiFi and Hotspot at same time

First all you need to do go to WiFi section and connect to WiFi

After connecting to WiFi Now go to settings and then tap on Other wireless connections

Now you can see setting WiFi Tethering it's in an disabled mode so Now you have to enable this setting

Now your WiFi connected mobile will allow you to use hotspot and you can connect to your WiFi connected mobile hotspot with any device by simply opening wifi and connect to mobile

This will work 100% without root and without any app to do all you need is Android 10 version mobile 

If you were using mobile that presents on Android 9 or below keep in mind it never works for you cause your device will not show the WiFi Tethering Option when connected to wiFi

If you were using Android 9 or below version you can also still share internet with an app named Net share this app can works pretty good even of your mobile not rooted

You can use this app very easily to use Net share Afer installation of this app,Connect to WiFi and open Net share app it will show details like start wifi Hotspot

Tap on box to start Wifi Hotspot,Now it shows some instructions to follow on other mobile to connect your mobile which is connect d to WiFi

To use Net from wifi connected mobile you also have to install Net share in mobile which you need to connect with wifi connected mobile l,this means you have to install Net share App on both mobiles

After installing Net share on another mobile now open Net share app and tap on connect setting present at right top of your screen it will connect automatically to the mobile of wifi connected

 Now you have to open the settings WiFi and tap on comnected wifi and change the details of Proxy settings like Address and Port which showing in the app of wifi connected mobile,After changing details of Proxy and Port you have finished setup.

Friends if you have any questions and comments please feel free to leave them on below comment section 😊

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