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Things you need to Know Before Buying PlayStation 5(PS5) | A Helpful illustrated Guide

 Things you need to know Before Buying PlayStation 5 (PS5)

1. Play station 5 comes with an two versions Standard Edition and Disc less Digital Edition

2. PlayStation 5 will be cost in $499.99 and PlayStation 5 Digital Edition will be at $399.99

3. Games like spiderman Morales,Astro's PlayRoom,Demons Soul,SackBoy A big adventure,Destruction All stars have been announced for PS5

4. New PS+ collection a new feature added for PS5 it gives plus membership for all big games

5. It comes with an type C charge port with an rechargable battery

6. You can watch extraordinary 4K blue rays on games 

7. It comes with an Central processing unit with Graphics x86-64-AMD RyzenT Zen 2" with present 8  Cores/16 Threads for greater visual effects

8. GPU consists of Variable frequency Speed up to 3.5 GHz Clock Speed and supports Higher resolution of gaming 

9. For Greater visual experience AMD Radeon T RDNA comes with  2-based graphics engine

10. System memory 16GB with Graphics Double Data Rate with 448 GB/s Bandwidth

11. It comes with 835 GB SSD with 5.5GBs bandwidth

12. PS5 Game Disc will provide you see 4k Ultra HD  Blu-ray  visuals,and store up to 100GB/disc

13. Video OutS Will Support of  video 4K 120H2 TVs, 8K TVs, VRR (specifed by HDMi ver.2.1) 

14. audio technology with 3D AudioTech which gives you an deeper sense of sound with real life sense and they named this technology tempest 3D

15. PS5 Storage also have an amazing feature it allows you to install only single mode game and you can remove compaign and multi player mode to save storage

16. You can expand storage with using SSD 


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