What are the Foods that Increase Internal Body heat and Temperature,Effects and Benefits

These are the list of Foods Increase Internal Body heat and Temperature:

1. Mangoes 

Mangoes are acidic in nature they have PH value 8-9 and by eating excessive of mangoes which cause irritation in your stomach by acidic nature of mangoes,you will also face problems like pimples irritation in stomach,face boils and also form aicidity in stomach

Also there are also more benifits of eating daily one mango can give us frighten against cancer, diabetes,lose weight, cholesterol...etc,But exceed eating mangoes more than two on a day may leads to Increase in body temperature and heat .

2. Apple's

Like mangoes Apple's are also one of the main fruits which causes irritation in stomach and produce body temperature with high, someone will also feel irritation in their mouth after eating raw apple and cause allergens to kill allergens heat should be required so body increases its temperature as a function of against allergens

There are many benefits present on eating Apple daily as apple is an rich I'm fibre it makes Relieve constipation,Better for diabetes and blood sugar regulation,works great I'm cholesterol reducing ........ ,many more benefits.

3. Oranges

Oranges are an one of Citrus Fruits which contains highly Citric acid ,eating on empty stomach may leads heat burn in your stomach as a result it increases the internal acidic level which causes increase in your body heat and Temperature

Oranges are rich in vitamin C sources they work great in control of cholesterol and blood pressure along with cancer eating one Orange a day gives many benefits but more than two at empty stomach is not recommended.

4. Onion 

Onion is an ground rooted fruit which has high in vitamins A,B,C on eating raw onion can produce heat in body and increase temperature,as onion contains volatile oil while cutting you can experience irritation in eyes,eating raw onions cause heartburn

However the onion also works as great cooling effects with mixing curd and taking ,the juice of onion used to treat for burns to get cooling effect,lower risk of heart attack,lower blood pressure,treat inflammation,fights against cancer .

5. Garlic 

Garlic is an warm in nature they contains antivirus and anti bacterial functional,they fight against bacteria or virus which caused heat in your body and increase temperature, however these are not recommended in summers cause garlic will cause irritation in your body 

Garlic contains medicinal properties which they reduce your cholesterol,fight against sickness,give relief from cold,regulates Bp and Sugar levels.

6. Black pepper

Eating spicy foods like pepper cause sweating, sweating is the indication that your internal body temperature has been increased to lower dow the body temperature and heat sweat will forms to reduce internal heat and you feel cooling effect,same as chilli pepper also cause irritation in stomach

Black pepper helps in get relief of constipation,improve food digestion,used as weight loss agent,Treat skin infection,remove toxicants in body,clean your intestine and stomach,regulated good blood cholesterol levels.

7. Beans

Beans are rich in proteins and fibre,as we already know proteins are how much important to maintain our helth and fitness,As beans contains high protein content proteins were hard to metabolise so so while digestion it produces heat in your body and increase temperature

Beans helps in increasing muscle growth,lower fat content,helps in relief from constipation,maintain good blood glucose and cholesterol levels,produce good gut bacterial.

8. Carrots 

Carrots are underground rooted vegetable,they are rich in fibre,beta carotene,pottasium and antioxidants they produce heat in body so eating carrots in winter is highly recommended to increase body heat 

Helps in reducing weight,increase our eye health and protect eyes from heavy sunlight.

9. Potato

Potatoes are underground rooted vegetables they are rich in carbohydrate with starch and some protein,fiber, phosphorous,they also contain vitamin B6,C,niacin,aw we take underground vegetable they produce heat in body due to their higher concentration of carbohydrates

Potatoes helps in reducing chronic heart disease, diabetes,cancer,and also used as face scrub agent to get face glow.

10. Spinach

Spinach are leafy vegetable they are rich in Iron,folate, vitamin A,C,k phosphorous they produce heat in our body so they were recommended to eat in winter season

Spinach works great on decreasing stress and blood pressure.

11. Corn

Corns are rich in many vitamins like B1,B5,C, nutrients and Fiber as corn rich in fiber content heat is produced while digestion,heavy eating cause heat in body problems 

Eating corn can increase your weight and regulates blood glucose level control.

12. Cheese

Cheese rich in Fat,Protein, calcium,vitaminA,B12, and Phosphorous,omega 3 fatty acids  as cheese is an milk product it contains high fats and protein content which generates heat in our body while digestion

Cheese helps in gain weight als rich in protein helps to grow muscle and helps in lowering blood blood pressure.

13. Tomato

Tomato are rich in vitamin C,folate,potassium and minerals eating excessive tomatoes cause dangerous effects in your health they also causes stones formation in kidney if eating more of them 

Tomatoes can help in fight against cancer and prevent heart disease.

14. Chicken

Chicken is the great source of proteins,minerals and fats,hence the chicken is an meat more energy is needed to digest as a result more heat is generated during digestion 

Eating chicken has many health benefits chicken will increase heart health condition ,helps in muscle growth,reduce unwanted fat,increase bones strength.

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