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What does op mean in YouTube, PUBG, Gaming,Live Scream,Chats

 OP means Over Powered,It is an common word mostly used by game players,Now let we know different situations how we use op 

1. What does op mean in PUBG

 In PUBG Op means Over Powered common word used when an pro player shows his skills and killed a squad at a time with equipped high damaging gun then called him op,in generally op means Over Powered in PUBG.

Some times this word also used by player when he killed by nood while he killing another skilled player he used this word op that Noob has Over Powered with gun without skill

There are also many words used in PUBG not only OP like GG means good play when your team member killed two or more players or any pro player then your team members used this word good game for appreciating him

GG also used when your teammates revive you and killed your enemies when they knock out you and your teammate helped you 

2. What does op mean in YouTube,Live Stream

In YouTube while the players gaming they used this word op  means Over Powered they use this word to say other team members that he equipped with an high damaging weapon 

They used to describe themselves that they were over powered and can kill any player who faces him, indirectly he letting know his teammates that he has confident to kill any pro player if he faces 

In YouTube Live Scream Op means Over Powered during live stream of heavy games like PUBG/COD players used this word to describe their enemy has equipped with highly damaging gun with an super skills 

During live play it's common to use this word in many games not only PUBG this word used in many situations during games along with they also use words like GG and word noob many of them feels guilt when they called but if you know what's its actual meaning then you will change the way of thinking ,Noob means New gamers which they are in starting stage to learn how to play.

3. What does op mean in Chats

Op means Over Powered used in chats to make words on each other if an pro player were killed by noob then the pro player will covers himself by saying that Noob has OP and he has no sheild or gun

 It most commonly used in many games not only PUBG this word used to make someone appreciate and sometimes to cover them selves when they get killed by any player that he died because he has low equipped guns and enemy had op guns

Many people will comments their options in every gamers video who are famous and they criticize each other or players in game play video,this may also used for different game videos streaming on YouTube

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  2. When I first heard about OP in my first day of gaming in pubg, I asked myself what does op mean in pubg
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