How to Enable 120 FPS on PlayStation 5 (PS 5)|Complete Guide

How to Enable 120 FPS on PlayStation 5 (PS 5)|Complete Guide

In this Article you will know how to enable 120 frames per second on your PlayStation five

The PlayStation can actually support up to 4K 120 FPS, but it has to be done under certain conditions such as using HDMI 2.0 2.1 having a multi that supposed to 120 different shade and the game that actually has the settings to support 120 frames per second

So first of all,you have to go ahead and take a look in the screen and video settings on Precision 5 in resolution, you can see that you have an option to choose between 721 ATP and 2160p which is equivalent to 4K

You can keep there for give it a chance rate automatic HDR also the automatic and then if you click on video out information, you can see that the players side is actually running at 4K 60 frames per second

And this is the default treasured that the PlayStation will be running, Now if you go for example into called Old Cold War we have an option that allows us to enable 120 refresh rate,but you have to disable something called great racing

So for example, we did a great racing we can see that 120 HZ refresh rate will result in a smoother experience what you need to do to enable this is to set your PlayStation 5 to Performance mode and actually have a TV that can support what 120 Hertz on your regular television that you might have in your living room

You probably do not have Hundred twenty years refresh rate, but in case you do or you have monitor plugged in and the settings go to save data and game at settings 

Then scroll to game presets on the in presets you have something called performance mode or resolution mode, you're going to need to change it from being default to Performance mode

This will give you the best performance and I'm going to let you know that it might result in a PlayStation five becoming louder, but when you do, so if you go back to Call of Duty you can see that 120 or suppression is Is now enabled 

The PlayStation will be running one ATP 120 hours and three depends on the model of your monitor at if it can support it porque 120 Hertz are not very common in the market so far 

Most probably you'll be paying on one ATP or 120 Hertz until the full game becomes more common and normalized resolution in the market and there's one thing that the 120 hertz might not be very stable at the moment because it's still very new to games,its new console

So if you are experiencing problems, it should be fixed later on with updates on a PlayStation and update choosing the same game that you're trying to play other games start to offer you the 120 hertz option

To Enable 4k@120FPS you will need:

1. HDMI 2.1 48Gbps Bandwith capable of Delivering 120 fps

2. TV supports 4k @120fps

3. In Game Settings that can run 4k@120fps

4. Some extra cash to buy the capable display 

In Article you know how to enable 120 FPS in PlayStation 5 with detailed guide,If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them on below comment box 😊