How to Find Phising Emails,Spot Spam mails and Report | Avoid sca

How to Find Phising Emails,Spot Spam mails and Report | Avoid scams

Hey guys, in this Article. I'm going explain over what I do to find whether I'm getting a scam email and then how you can go about reporting these to your email service provider

So I just got a couple of these the other day. They're posting as coming from, which is going to be pretty typical these scammers

How scammers send these emails

They're going to send out emails that try to look official really coming from very popular websites or sources such as Amazon or Netflix Etc.

The first thing that I do is just take Look at the email address where this is coming from clearly. This is not an official source of an email address that you would get from Amazon. So that's a dead giveaway. And this person they put Amazon as the name for this is the sending email. 

Again, not an official Source coming from Amazon with an email address such as that, but then in the name for their email, they actually put support at Amazon desk So sometimes they can actually make it look like it is coming from an official Source in those are the ones that are a little bit more tricky to identify.

But at the end of the day, you should never click on account verifcation or payment verification or anything such as that coming from these types of emails.

How to Avoid these Scam mails

The only time you should have ever click on anything like this coming from an official Source such as a Amazon is let's say for instance you're heading on over to and you forgot your password or something and you're asking to change your password.

Then you should be expecting that password reset email coming from that particular resource. And that would be a safer situation than just getting an email out of the blue from a company such as Amazon asking you to verify your information.

I've never had to verify an account or payment information from a company in an email. So I never click on these types of links.

I would always just head on over to To the website myself and again for this example, I would head on over to Amazon login to my account and just double check to make sure that everything looks okay in terms of my purchase history.

And if you're still really worried at that point you can always reset the password it to you. 

On any email that you're not expecting from these companies that you might have accounts with.

So then at this point it's not a bad idea to go ahead and report the email.

How to report Phising Emails

I Get over the outlook and It's probably different based on what type of email service that you're using.

There's going to be a menu area.,It's three dots next to each other,opened that up go down and find insecurity options,Click Mark as 

As fishing and then report and that's what you have to do spot a scam emails again. Just a quick recap. You can check the email address to see if it's coming from a reputable resource.

You can check the email address and that's a pretty dead give away most of the time and again never click on anything in a link in an email that's asking to verify any account information or payment information.

If you want to double check on your account go to the website yourself typing in that particular website into a URL. And logging into your account never through a link in any of those. 

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