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How to Fix MacBook Air not Turning On or Charging | A complete Illustrated guide

You can fix your MacBook Air not Turning On or Charging by these methods:

1. Use different types of chargers 

At the first thing I need to make sure is to use different types of charges because that could possibly be the problem

If your is damaged or not working properly you may have face these problems so try to charge and use with different chargers

2. Testing charging port

The next thing you want to do is charge your MacBook Pro at least 30 minutes just to make sure that the battery has some type of power inside of it 

Your MacBook Air is connected If you see the green light or orange lights on your MacBook Air charger, then that means that the charging port has no types of problems and that your charger has no problems at all

3. Holding power buttons

The next thing you want to do is hold the power button on your MacBook Air for 10 to 30 seconds and try to see if that worked now holding the power button for 10 or 30 seconds and not work

The next thing is connect your MacBook Pro to the charger and press on the power button at the same exact time as soon as you connect the charger hold down the power button for 10 seconds of your MacBook Air and that could possibly fix your problem.

If that didn't work try holding the power button for 10 seconds. Then after the 10 seconds plug in your charger to your MacBook Air

You can also try keep on holding your power button for 60 more seconds now if none of these work try the following solutions

4. Disconnecting battery Connection

you can have to take apart the back plate now to unscrew the back screws you are going to need a P-51 point two pentalobe screwdriver

So from back lift up the top from the bottom of your MacBook Air and the next thing is you could try doing is disconnecting your battery connection carefully

From there you have to lift battery tab up carefully using equip things or fingers and then Want to pull start pulling into the everything comes off and disconnected battery

You have to disconnected for around 60 seconds. Then after 60 seconds, You can start by connecting the battery connection again

Get your fingernails and just slide the rest back inside the slot and that's good enough from there,Try to see if youe MacBook turns on or not

If that did not fix your problem then there's a good chance that the battery is defective. Try replacing the battery because that could possibly be the problem.

5. Disconnect mackbook SSD

Now you have to do is carefully remove MacBooks SSD to disconnect because that could possibly be the problem, So you want to disconnect it and connect right back again carefully

For doing this you need a T5 so from there you want to slightly lift it up attached sock and then you have to start by pulling the SSD from slot carefully and Just pull it very slightly just wiggle it and then eventually is going to come off from ther and make it disconnected for around 60 seconds

Now Cert it back again Just insert a very carefully try not to push too hard and eventually is gonna slide right in And from there it's going to fit perfectly. 

Now after reinserting the SSD then try to check if your macbook turns on or not. If this solution did not work then try using a different SSD because that could possibly be the causing problem

Make sure you have another SSD laying around or have one of your friends to let you borrow the SSD for your MacBook Airk make sure the SSD is the correct model for your MacBook Air

6. Disconnect LCD Connection

Now the last final thing you could do is disconnect your LCD connection present at Right side of your MacBook Air back this is your screens connection

There's a good chance that this is loose or that it could be inserted wrong maybe you drop the MacBook Air and somehow the connection disconnected very slightly once you drop the Macbook

So there is a small tab right just get right underneath the black tabs like a piece of tape that you could grab out you can either pull what your fingernails or your Or your fingers or if you guys use your tool right just to snap it back as you can see there is a snaps upwards so now you want to grab the connection very slightly and then you want to pull back

Pull back into the whole thing disconnects just then from and have it disconnected for 60 seconds then connect right back again to its place carefully and pushed both sides are equally inserted inside

Now once you've done that turn over the MacBook Air and try to see if that solution worked or not

7. Give it to service centre

If none of these Solutions work then the best thing you could do is go to Google Maps or Apple Maps and search up laptop repair or iPhone repair and is a good chance that there will be a shop near you that you could call and tell them your situation with your Macbook

In this article o have given you the almost all solutions for facing problem on Mackbook Air does not Power on or charging,Hope this article will helps you to solve your problem and fix

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them on below comment box 😊

For more tech solutions please visit our website and comment us to clear your questions, Thankyou 👍


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