How to get HBO Max on Roku|Watch HBO Max

How to get HBO Max on Roku|Watch HBO Max

In this Article you are going to know how to get HBO Max on your Roku and watch HBO Max,At first is not available on your Roku streaming device 

You never find HBO Max in App Store to download it,So I'm going to know you a workaround how to do this, Follow complete steps to setup

A Complete Helpful Illustrated Guide to watch HBO Max on Roku TV

You need an iPhone to do this grab your iPhone,if you're an Android User. I'm going to be looking into a way that you can do is with your Android device, But if you have an iPhone go ahead and install feel Max on your iPhone

Once you have that done and installed Feel Max, Now go to jump over to this next step,Take your remote control and go to home and then settings 

From settings all the way down toward the bottom there and then here you're going to go to system update click on that and then go ahead and check now this will get your firmware all the way up to date to the latest operate or to latest update that Roku is offering 

This will now install Apple airplay on your Roku device so you go ahead and update it,Now go to home by tapping on home button 

Now go to the settings and then down there, you'll see apple "AirPlay and homekit" go ahead and click on that and it'll take you to the airplay menu

You'll see menu over there on the right hand column,on that you'll see AirPlay you want to make sure it's turned on

On the second says require code you can select,if you click on that it gives you a few different options there. So do either first time only, every time or use password based on personal preference

But you'll click back there and next thing you'll have to do is grab your iPhone,Now that you have your iPhone on hand swipe down on the top right corner and you'll see that option right there that says screen mirroring 

Go ahead and tap on that and when you do there will be a list of options that come up that have are right there in the middle It's got Roku Roku Streaming Stick. So when you tap on that it's started mirroring to your TV and if you want to stop mirroring, you just press there on the bottom where it says stop marrying

We're going to jump over to our HBO Max app on your iPhone and tap on the HBO Max app and it pops up just like that and you can see HBO of Max's mirroring on your iPhone, So whenever you go to press on a movie and start playing 

Play on landscape mode to get full view It's just in vertical mode,But when you're playing the movie, it'll play in landscape mode and the sound will come from your TV and not from your phone

Some of these third-party apps the sound comes from the actual iPhone. So this is a workaround. Now you can HBO Max on your Roku

It works perfectly on
* Roku Ultra
*Roku Stream Bar
*Roku Smart SoundBar
*Roku Streaming Stick
*Roku premiere

In this Article you know complete detailed information on how to get HBO Max on Roku TV,If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them on below comment box.