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how to set up the new Google Chromecast with Google TV to your TV

how to set up the new Google Chromecast with Google TV to your TV

In this Article you know the step-by-step process on how to set up the new Google Chromecast with Google TV to your TV

So just to make sure you have everything out of the box,We have the Chromecast device itself

It have the remote that also comes with a couple of AAA batteries. It comes with the wall power adapter and then we have the power cord itself which is USB on one side and USB type-c, With this standed going into the Chromecast self and this end of course going into the adapter and then we also have our instructions to get started

Now you are going to walk through these setup step by step 

step number one being a plug-in at the Chromecast to your HDMI port on your TV and then you have to switch the TV input to that HDMI input that you put into your Google Chromecast  

Then you have to put the batteries into the Google Chromecast remote and Then the last step here is getting the Google home  

Get started

following the steps on your TV and in the application and follow these steps to get you started and we'll start with step number one here

which is plugging in the Google Chromecast into the HDMI port on your TV. So step one is going to be taking the power adapter and of course putting one end into an outlet and then take the power cord and this end is going to go into that power adapter. 

Then the other end of course is going to be going into our Chromecast after we put the Chromecast to into the HDMI port of the TV,Now you have to move to next step 

 On our TV, we need to locate the HDMI ports and then take our Google Chromecast and going to go ahead and put that into one of the HDMI ports and make sure you take note of which HDMI port it is if it's listed, it's going to be HDMI 1 going to go ahead and plug it in and then we take the other end of our power cord and we're going to go ahead and plug that to the bottom of our Chromecast and then follow next next step 

It is going to be finding the proper input on your TV So to your TV and added the HDMI ports into my apps page So it's just simply the HDMI one option there ,It's going to likely be a little bit different for you based on what kind of TV you have but oftentimes on your remote you're going to have a platinum and that has something listed as either HDMI or it might say Source or input whatever button it is on your remote

You can typically cycle on through the inputs on your TV and that will allow you to get over to HDMI 1 so you have to open things up there with that HDMI one input 


The next step is going to be impairing our Ramon. So we take our remote and we open up the back and then we're going to put those two AAA batteries in the back of our remote

 And once you put the batteries in the remote, it actually paired with the TV automatically, but if it doesn't do that for you just follow the on-screen instructions

Settings up things

Now you are going to go through the step by step process is setting things up on the screen itself

So then on the welcome screen go ahead and select the language that you want to use it for your Google Chromecast. 

It's going to be English United States, on your Chromecast remote go ahead and click the select button, which is the little circle on the top of your Chromecast remote and then you're going to have a couple of different options there

So first and foremost, the quicker way is going to be setting up with the Google home application

Basically on your smartphone go and download and open the Google home app on your phone to get started when Did in the app scan at the QR code that is located on your screen, that is one way you can go about doing this

You can also set it up manually and you do this by clicking the down portion of the navigation wheel that's on the top of your Chromecast remote and then clicking a setup on a TV instead and click the select button at the top of your Chromecast remote to open up that option 

Then it's going to prompt you to select your Wi-Fi network,it's just based on whatever your wireless router is named and then it's going to prompt you to enter in at the password for your Wi-Fi router

 And once you have the password typed in Click the little arrow that's pointing at to the right that's going to be the enter option and that's going to connect to your wireless wi-fi router

As long as you typed in your password correctly and picked the proper wireless router and then it should connect eventually and after you successfully put in your internet connection, it's going to wait a little bit and then It's going to start downloading a system update for your Gasps with Google TV 

Then the Chromecast itself will restart after it goes through that system update and then after reboot, it's going to install the system update and then after the installation your Chromecast will reboot again, and then it will re-establish your network connection

And then it's going to ask us to sign in into our Google account. So enter in your Google accounts email and click next. If you don't have a Google account, you can go down and click the create account option

 I'm assuming most of you guys probably have a Google account. Especially if you have an Android phone for instance, so enter in it that Google email and then it go to the next option and click enter and then enter your password and click enter again, and then it will ask you to accept the terms of service the play term of service as well as the privacy policy so you can select those and read through them if you want and if everything looks good to you go ahead and click where it says accept and then it will ask you to agree to the additional legal terms

You can read over those as you please and then if everything looks good they are go ahead and click I agree and then it gives you some different options here with Google service

 It can use your location you can help improve Chromecast by automatically sending diagnostic information to Google

And once you have the thing selected that you want go ahead and click accept and then it asks us if we want to get product emails or from Google,So if you want you can sign up if not click No, thanks

And then it's going through a Google assistant in tutorial you can open up Google assistant on your Chromecast remote by clicking the little Google Assistant button, which is Is actually the only button that's colored black as opposed to the other buttons that are colored white 

Google Assistant will allow you to find shows movies music and more So you have to go ahead and click continue. And if you want there is another option that you have it to either allow or not allow a search across all of your apps for Google assistant 

Selecting Apps

Basically what this is going to do is it allows it to share your requests with your TV's app, So if you want that on you can have it on if not, you can click no, thanks. And at this point it's going to ask you to select your services the Applications that you like to use at YouTube is already pre-selected

You can also go through Hulu as well as Netflix maybe Pandora if I you want to listen to some free music and also potentially HBO Max

So then once you have all of the services that you want is selected and go over and click confirm and then on next page, it's giving you the option if you want to set up your Chromecast remote with your TV

This will allow you to control your TV's volume as well as power a really nice option to have you can click the Set up remote option there or click the not now option if that's not something that you're interested in setting up at this point

Now go to set up process and once it downloads all of the apps that you had a selected,It's now bringing us to a page that says your Chromecast with a Google TV is ready

So you have to go ahead and click and start exploring in for those of you who have used it and traded TV device in the past

 You can see the menu is laid out in a similar way over there on Google TV, It's going to have the top picks for you, It's going to have your apps listed right there

It also what's trending on Google and some other filter options as you work your way down the menu and then also at the top we have at the search option if we want to look for something specifically and we can also check things out over on the apps page to find exactly what apps that we might want to add to our Google Chromecast devices


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