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Install [GCAM 8] Google Camera 8 For OnePlus 8,8 Pro| A Helpful Illustrated Guide

Install [GCAM 8] Google Camera 8 For OnePlus 8,8 Pro| A Helpful Illustrated Guide

A new version of google camera 8 (GCAM 8) is now here for OnePlus 8,8 PRO it will supports all Devices that has Camera 2 API support,you will learn how to download,install and all settings in your OnePlus 8,8 PRO  device by following simple complete illustrated Guide

What is [GCAM] Google camera ?

A Google Camera is a powerful camera Application for your OnePlus 8,8 PRO  mobile cameras developed by Google, you can capture with your OnePlus 8,8 PRO  mobe great level contrast,zoom,HDR+,Potrait mode and Night Sight photography, you can take pictures at night with great capture by using Astro Photography in your OnePlus 8,8 PRO  device,it makes you to capture amazing steady videos even in moving with super stability

Why GCAM is Better than Stock Camera ?

GCam is 1000 times better than OnePlus 8,8 PRO  mobile Stock Camera because GCam have capability to capture better dynamic,HDR+ images with high detailed view which makes Google Camera (GCam) in OnePlus 8,8 PRO  device more difference from stock mobile Camera,This is reason why every user install GCam in their mobiles and use instead using stock camera,There are also several types mods available in many sites published by developers

These changes are made in OnePlus 8, 8 Pro mobile before Installing [GCAM] Google Camera 

Before installing Google Camera(GCam) in your OnePlus 8,8 Pro mobile you have to go to settings then find security and click on it in Security settings of OnePlus 8,8 Pro scroll down and Enable Unknown source installation,enable it to install GCAM app without any problem otherwise it prevents installing GCam in your settings of OnePlus 8,8 Pro 

After changing above setting in your device now you were ready to install GCAM in your device.

How to Download and install GCAM 8 in OnePlus 8,8 Pro Mobile

Now you have to download Google Camera GCam 8 from the following link named file GCAM 8 in that Apk named Gcam8everydaytechvams.apk



After downloading apk from above link and install now open the app in settings of OnePlus 8,8 Pro and it it will asks for four to five permissions allow all of them at first this GCam will be in freeze condition you have to these three settings to work GCAM 8 Properly in your device 

Three settings after GCAM 8 Installation

1. Go to settings by tapping on icon present upside middle of the screen,Now you can see settings tap on Mod settings in settings of OnePlus 8,8 Pro  

 in that you will see setting named preview format

it is first setting is you have to change it to you by tapping on it at first it was with setting jpg

2. The second setting is to change Input device setting in gcam of settings of OnePlus 8,8 Pro  

This setting is present above the preview format you have to select this setting with pixel IV-XL coral like shown in bbelow

3. The third setting is to change HDR+ device setting which present below the input device setting you have to change this setting to pixel IV-XL coral like above picture and now close the app and open that's it you can use now GCAM 8 without any interception

Night Scape 

I am pretty sure that Night Sight mode in settings of OnePlus 8,8 Pro in gcam 8 will amaze you with its performance you can capture great view photos in night mode in settings of OnePlus 8,8 Pro 


You can also capture stars using Astro mode in gcam 8 to do Astrophotography just select Astrophotography and fix your settings of OnePlus 8,8 Pro  mobile to sky without shaking and make capture but it takes 3-4 minutes to capture one Astrophotography photo in settings of OnePlus 8,8 Pro mobiles


 If you were shaking or kept mobile in moving object Astrophotography never works in settings of OnePlus 8,8 Pro it takes normal night sight photo if your mobile shaky or moving cause astrophotography in gcam can possible only if your mobile is steady and fixed place

Super Stability 4k Video

On video mode in settings of OnePlus 8,8 Pro  you can shoot videos at 4k with an excellent stability you can shake you can easily known the difference in between videos captures on stock Camera and gcam,the super steady mode while mobile can capture best videos on GCam 

Google camera 8 apk works with an android devices that present Snapdragon processors perfectly

These are the most questions asked by people

Does GCam available in playstore ?

No GCam is an mod apk which it usually comes with pixel mobiles and these mobile apk will rebuild to use in other non pixel android devices you can get these apps from several websites for your settings of OnePlus 8,8 Pro but not present in playstore cause it's an mod ap, playstore never give permission to those type apps to be placed 

Is GCAm safe or not ?

I can say absolutely yes in my community there are thousands of people has been using various GCams for settings of OnePlus 8,8 Pro which download and installed from XDA developers even one person still now says any thing that they faced about malicious or hacked 

Why GCAM not Installing or not Working Properly ?

This problem in settings of OnePlus 8,8 Pro can be faced if installed unsupported GCam version in your android,there are many different versions and different mods for each am every android we have to select and install only after confirming does this app have support to my settings of OnePlus 8,8 Pro  device model or not it not supported don't waste your time and data 

Some gcam apks can install in settings of OnePlus 8,8 Pro  but not work fully they have only some controls working like only back camera not working front cam so better uninstall if you facing this problem,this may occurs due to unsupported processor to that apk

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them on below comment box 😊

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