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Is iPhone better than OnePlus | Complete Illustration

 Is iPhone better than OnePlus,Which phone is better

If you are thinking about buying new iPhone or OnePlus mobile,Here it's the perfect place to know performance of iPhone and OnePlus in detailed 

These are the reasons why to choose iphone

1. No bloatware

iPhone comes without any bloatware present in them,you never see any third party apps or extra apps were pre installed when you buy new iphone,wherever in android you can see many apps like amazon and shopping pre installed within them and they occupied more space but you can uninstall those pre installed apps 

2. Software and hardware integration

iPhone comes with an better software and hardware integration it makes user friendly an user can experience very smooth Performance while using any apps or games and typing is super smooth while using iphone,You can get Two big updates which even you using older version iphone along with new model iphones 

3. Inbuilt podcast

Everyone tries to download TED and different other apps for podcast in android devices,But iphone comes with an all together at one place and no need to download any apps

4. Best Apps first launch 

The best and great apps will first launch on Apple store cause the developers always tends to release their apps in Apple store,even the both playstore and Apple store have equal to same number of apps but the best apps first will released and used by iPhone users,it is the advantage of iPhone users 

5. High security

iPhone comes with an high security patches its impossible to leak and hack our data from hackers and prevent from being hacked,It prevents virus and any malicious apps are detected and inform you to delete them,Touch Id and Face Id are the best features to lock your device

6. Stabilization

iPhone makes you to capture indepth detailed videos with greater stability you can capture videos without any problem even on moving,because iphone comes with an Optical image stabilization

7. Wireless Charging

iPhone usually comes with an wireless charging support there is need to plug in everytime when you charge,This feature can helps to get rid from problems faced by damaging charger wire at charging points and hanging point of adapter,in general this feature can't seen in many of present android smart phones

8. Lens for monochrome photos

The single camera of iPhone can take capture quality pictures we can also use many different type of lenses present in market to take stylish photos,we can also take monochrome photos using lens in iphone 

These are the Reasons Why to choose OnePlus

1. Budget and Flagship

OnePlus mobile are budget friendly for who wanted flagship features within half of money that iphone costs, OnePlus will never disappoint you with its performance cause they are the only killer mobiles at their prices with flagship features so everyone tends to look at OnePlus before they are going to buy new flagship mobile 

2. Stylish look

OnePlus by looks they build an stylish look and design on compare with iphone,the design and look of OnePlus will attract users to buy them along with all great features at bearable price and they give finish with Gorilla glass version 6 protection coating on both display and back side

3. GCAM(google camera)

Everyone loves ves taking pictures of plants,flowers,animals and night sight ..etc OnePlus comes with an chipset Snapdragon processor which have capable to install google camera of different versions and we can do manual settings according to our preference
GCAM can captures indepth detailed pictures which amaze you and you can see different that GCam captured pic is more 100 times better than stock Camera
It also have great video stabilization while taking videos on moving,and also capable for astrophotography

4. Great Display

OnePlus comes with an great display quality they usually use Amoled display for smoother user experience while using and gaming, Amoled display shows you high contrast and greater visuals while watching videos and gaming 

5. Build quality

The build quality of OnePlus is very good they use best quality materials to build,you can see many durability tests of OnePlus in YouTube these mobiles comes with water resistant and they never break or get damaged when slips from 3 metres of height without any protection

Now Let us compare the both mobiles with their performance on normal user usage

1. Camera Department

The iPhone camera sensors were manufactured by sony and the best mobile camera were manufactured by sony they capture best detailed photos
iPhone comes with an Optical image stabilization which can have advantage of taking super stability videos even while moving
In the same way the OnePlus camera sensors are also manufactured by sony and they too have optical image stabilization but comparing on both camera working the iPhone cameras can give some more extra performance

2. Charging 

In matter of Charging time and their durability I can say that OnePlus gives more Performance than iphone in battery durability and they also charge quickly

3. Display

Iphones comes with an oled display which gives smoother user experience while texting wherever OnePlus comes with Amoled which can appear true colours in videos with great experience and Amoled display was good in playing heavy games in mobile like PUBG , COD...etc in matter of display OnePlus have upper hand 

4. Security

As we known that iphone have it's own Apple store and greater hardware and software which is hard to hack it by hackers in Wireless,iphone gives user more security options to buy and use for their mobiles like anti theft,any external third party apps cannot be installable in iphones
OnePlus comes with and android category apps can be downloaded from Android playstore and install any third party app even from out source 
Android can share any files and apps easily from one mobile to another where there is no option in iphones to share files from one mobile to another
Due to above both reasons hackers can easily attach android by sending virus through third party apps and files,however play protect can helps to identify and delete if any virus detected

5. File sharing

In matter of iphones there are no apps and can't share any files and apps from one to another it makes disappointing when we urgently want to share any file to another mobile but if we cant,where in comes with an matter of OnePlus there are many apps in playstore to share files easily 

6. Smooth performance

The both mobiles comes with high end processors but different chipset they both give an lag free and smoother performance while playing and using any apps 

7. Multi tasking

The both comes with an required speed multitasking  but the iPhone gives you the best multitasking experience than OnePlus 


If you want flagship mobile in low price range then blindly go for OnePlus cause it gives you all premium features with competiting iphone,And it's priced half of iPhone 

If you want more secure and use mobile for vlogs or youtube you can go for iphone cause they give best output of videos stabilization and give you high security protection from being hacked

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them on below comment box 😊

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