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PUBG & COD Lag Fix android | MIUI 12 Secret Settings,Game Driver|Helpful Guide


PUBG & COD Lag Fix android | MIUI 12 Secret Settings,Game Driver

Many mobiles face problems with lag while playing heavy games like pubg amd cod on android mobile 

Lets know how to fix lag in MIUI 12 mobiles,Apply these following settings to your android and you never face any lag

Open your default security app on mobile and at the bottom you can see game booster feature to this feature now add game  app pubg or COD by taping plus icon on the top

After adding game in game booster now go to the settings gear option present at top right side beside plus icon and go to settings gear option and turn on by default now game turbo is in on mode ,now go to performance mode and enable it ,by enabling performance mode it will improve game performance,speed and increases smoothness while playing pubg or COD

Now at the bottom of gear settings you will see additional settings,in additional settings there you can see the added game either pubg or COD ,select the game and open now you see many touch response options  to modify them you can set best settings for more sensitivity

 Increase touch response value and also touch sensitivity value upon your requirement,
Now set touch resistance area setting to medium it help while playing pubg or COD by preventing palm touches which causes disturbances to play if it set it to medium

You can also enhance realistic value to moderate ,extreme and strong as your like in your app already it's been in realistic mode but these settings helps to increase realistic and HDR view play 

These are the few settings you have to change in your MIUI 12 mobile but some settings should be change regularly  they were When you added game PUBG or COD to game booster app and arranging these settings upon opening you can find left side a line touch on it will shows you game turbo mode where you can make multitasking

At the centre of the game turbo mode you  will see an rocket symbol while playing game if you face lag or delay use this feature it will automatically remove all background junk and cached files and it makes ram space free and makes game performance better and smooth play

Now there is an excellent feature it presents upon different place in different mobiles,you can use this feature by enabling developer options for this you have to go to settings and for about phone and now you see MIUI version tap on it for 7 times continuously it enables developer mode

At bottom of the settings now you can find developer settings go to developer settings and you will see GPU game preferences option tap on it,in game preferences you can see enable options for all apps you can enable it for all apps or only pubg or COD game for smooth and lag free game

After selecting pubg/COD you can see some options among it will be in default mode select it for game driver,it will increase your overall game performance and smoother game play even at extreme level,however some mobiles may comes with game driver enabled in default mode of game driver ,enable this feature only for pubg or COD cause if you enabled for all apps it will drain your battery fast and decrease battery life

In some mobiles in the developer option settings you can see Hardware and GPU performance/force mode rendering enable this feature to get high gaming performance

Set these settings and now you will experience high gaming performance than before ,guys I have shown you the best settings for your gameplay lag , reply me after settings how you feel.

If you have any comments or questions please feel free to leave them on below comment box 😊

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  1. It's truly a nice and useful piece of information. I'm satisfied that you just shared this useful information with us.Please stay us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing. f you are looking for some hot new TechSoFar then these blogs are one stop destination for you.

  2. Game driver is not show ..any solution


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