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23 Ways To Make Money With Coding|Beginner To Advanced

How To Make Money With Coding|Beginner To Advanced Levels

So you've learned how to code now, you want to learn how to make money with this new skill set and for some reason people get kind of weird when content creators start talking about money if you think i need to get a job now and go the traditional route, but there are so many other ways that you can utilize your skills on the internet

In this article you are going to know 26 ways to make money with code now you are going to have to have some decent coding skills and experience because you're going to be writing code that other people are going to need to want to buy but you don't need like a computer science degree for really any of these so let's bring up the counter I don't know where it's going to be but let's first just knock out the obvious ones

1. Software Developer For Company

The first one like I mentioned is going to be just being a software developer for a company you get hired,you know work on whatever they want to work on and you're trading your time for a predetermined fixed amounts

I think you guys know how jobs work the obvious Advantage here is that it's safe and steady you get benefits,the disadvantages is that you don't choose what to work on or went to work on it.

2. Contract Job

The second one is a contract job you know, I would avoid contracts if possible because to be honest contractors get treated like crap you get no benefits the pay is lower than a full-time employee and your contract can be terminated at literally any time for no reason so I would only take contract jobs if it's you know something if you can't find something full-time and you just like need that experience to hopefully eventually land something more,you know more steady, let's move on to the less traditional ways

3. Start A Blog On Medium

Another way is to start a blog on if you don't know medium is a site where you can write blogs or articles it's like the YouTube of blogging you can write an article about say Your favorite tech stack or how to create a basic application in a JavaScript framework

Its pretty much whatever you want and medium has a partner program so they will actually pay you on how much traffic your article brings in

So I think that's really cool and you really like it when platforms monetarily support their creators and you know, you take that article you post it on different social media platforms and you get traction to your articles you can use Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn is a good one if you have especially connected with a lot of people in Tech

4. YouTube Channel

You can create your own YouTube channel it can be on coding tutorials you can talk about tech,these tutorial channels easily get more views and there's so many different Outlets you can monetize and can get Google AdSense you can get sponsored ads affiliate marketing merge

once you do have that following there are a lot of different ways you can Branch out

4. Coding Tutorials

You can also make coding tutorials and sell them on like sites like udemy or Coursera or Udacity these sites if they do take a cut but they do offer discoverability, which you wouldn't have if you say posted these on like your own website

5. Online Tutoring

You can try but not in person tutoring right now because of the pandemic but you could do online tutoring so you can know charge like an hourly rates to help teach someone how to code or any other computer science topic that you have knowledge 

6. Podcast

You can start a podcast you can talk about specific technology or current events and tag or why them is better than emacs and I recommend if you do a podcast do it in video you can take like The Joe Rogan approach and this way you can distribute it on platforms that are video based like a Facebook, YouTube, Instagram because if it's this audio your kind of limiting yourself to the platforms you can post 

7. App Development

You can do app development by your app downloads you can charge for a download you can do in app purchases,you Could do like a premium version where you don't show ads the problem with apps is it's so highly saturated but if you do have the right idea you have the potential to make a lot of money

8. APP Development

You can do app development, right you can do downloads you can you know, you can charge for a download you can do in app purchases. You could do like a premium version where you don't show ads the problem with apps is it's so highly saturated. But if you do have the right idea you have the potential to make a lot of money so, you know app development, especially with how easy it's become with with tools like react native. There's no excuse to not write an app if you have a good idea

9. Bug Bounty Hunting

you can do bug bounty hunting where you're getting paid to fix bugs and open source projects Some companies will pay you to find security vulnerabilities on their site 

10. Coding Contest

If you do coding contest or competitive code,I don't compete but I know it's popular among some of you guys I know this because many people always get asked

12. Hackathons

you can do hackathons,hackathons are awesome and and a lot of fun they are a great way to meet people but you get to build something cool and if they're sponsored by a big company then they give out some pretty fat prizes the winners might get office space gift cards just cash

13. Publish E-Book

You can publish an e-book write a book about creating apps and framework, you know and you can sell them in any blogs or amazon kindle and make money

14. Plug-ins

you can create plug-ins for WordPress that help improve someone's website there's a stat that I saw on that says WordPress Powers over 30% of the websites on the internet that is a crazy stat so a lot of opportunity there 

15. Create Front-End Themes

you could create front-end themes or landing pages with bootstrap for websites and you can sell those on different platforms, I've used these pre-made front-end themes on websites that have built that work as well as personal projects

16. Fiverr

You can build discord bot and sell it on Fiverr if you don't know fiverr is a site where Freelancers offer Digital Services in a number of different categories

17. Shopify Liquid And App

you can help build a Shopify app Shopify created their own language called liquid so if you get good at it and you make some pretty cool 

you can make some pretty cool-looking Shopify stores i know this because I used to own that Shopify store and I learned liquid and was able to change my site to make it and not look like all the other generic shop vice stores and this is another skill that you can put up on fiver or saying, you know, I'll fix your store 

So you can build a public app using put it on the Shopify App Store and you earn 80 percent of the app sales or you can create a custom app for a client and you can use like Shopify has an API that you can use to build and sell apps that add like feature functionality to a client's 

18. GitHub Sponsorship

You can do GitHub sponsorships, GitHub now offers programs to financially support developers who build open source software i did notice that it is currently wait-listed so I'm not sure how long the wait list is but I mean, it's probably a pretty good program if there are that many people trying to join so that's something you could sign up for and hopefully it doesn't take too long to get off the waitlist

19. Local Business Sites

You can find local small businesses that don't have websites or may be they have a site that looks like it was built in 2006 and you can offer to Revamp it and who knows maybe they'll hire you as their webmaster 

20. Roblox Games 

You can make Roblox games and make them basically like pay to win games so the more someone pays they the better they do in the game and you'd be surprised how many people are willing to pay for something like that or it's just kids that are using their parents credit card, but let's not worry about that Roblox does have their own game engine 

So you can download it for free and there's a lot of us do tutorials like on and a lot of popular games there are not that complex like I saw one where you just mow Lawns and the more grass you view mode the more points you get you can make you know

Just any game in general, you know, it doesn't have to be the next Fortnight or Call of Duty which like takes companies to make you know, like member of Flappy Bird it looks like it was designed by like a middle schooler but it was making like what was it fifty thousand dollars a day and it's primed 

21. Freelancing

you can do freelancing you can use Fiverr but you can also use other services like up work saw many Developers they're charging from $75 an hour to well over a hundred to like architect their websites or create a landing page the only thing with freelancing is that you do have to have thick skin when dealing with clients

You're going to have to learn how to push back on a lot of stuff because customers will want to change things and they'll want you to do more than what they're paying you to do but freelancing does provide a very flexible way to work and make money, but you really do have to be self-motivated and then honestly a lot of these and outside like the salary job that I mentioned you really have to be a good self starter for it

Like no one's going to like tell you to do something what to do and no one's going to tell you like how to do it you're kind of like your own boss which has, you know its pros and cons

22. Software Solutions Company

You could create a software Solutions company so this is kind of like the same ideas freelancing, but now you own a company and customers come to you or you can also reach out to people so this would be like businesses coming to you for some kind of software problem that they have or maybe creating a new web application for them and you'll have A team have the bandwidth to do 

But if you have a solid team with versatile skills, I feel like that's something that could really take off  

23. Build Own Software Product

You can building your own software product this is going to be your classic start up you build out an actual product and can it could be business or you can sell to Consumers and the ideas for this are endless this was probably the hardest one to succeed in but if you build your own successful startup than congrats, you're probably gonna be very rich 


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