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Apple Airpods Max Vs Airpods Pro|Choose Correct One

Apple Airpods Max Vs Airpods Pro|Choose Correct One

In this article you will know complete helpful illustrated Indepth detailed view on both Apple Airpods pro and Max,at the end you know which one to buy


price is going to be one of the biggest and quickest qualifiers for just anyone trying to decide between the are pods Pro and the are pods Max see the in ear pods Pro which came out just over a year ago

Apple ear pods pro price 249$ and those were considered on the expensive side at launch and still to this day,The over the ear air pods Max priced at 549$ which double price range of pro

If you want Apple air pods and you need noise cancelling air pods,you can go for apple air pods pro if you spend twice the money you can get apple air pods max


The other big difference between the air pods Pro and the air pods Max is literally the bigness in size and the air pods Pro are in ear and that means they're small really small tiny even enough to fit in your ears and have silicon tips small buds and a stem that shorter and more angle than the original earpods

They're truly Wireless, which means there's not even a cable between the two are pod just the two pods, which is great because that makes them just really light 0.19 ounces light and depending how well they stay stuck into your ears pretty good on the go 

But if they fall out or you leave them out, they are small enough that you might just lose track of them,the over the ear air pods and that means they're bigger much bigger man's they can fit over and around your ears and fits perfectly traditionally called as cans


These cans are Sized aluminium on the outside and memory foam and acoustically transparent weave on the inside,there is no stem but there is a steel band coated in soft-touch material and in it canopy that Bridges them just right over your head

So they're heavier much heavier 13.6 ounces heavier while they might not fall out, they might shift around and while it's much harder to lose track of them,You'll never feel like you're not wearing them you'll know by the weight and the encumbrance 

Honestly, they're just such different classes of devices in he's forces Audi's you really just have to decide if tiny buds or big cans are the look or the experience that you want up 


Until now apples air pods have come in every color you could ever want as long as that color was only white white air pods, Max Apple has finally get added some color our audio worlds you can get the max in silver ,black ,green ,blue and pink and get this the aluminum Cup colors Max

The new iPad Air colors and the material canopy covers Max the new iPhone 12 colours so there are two tone but if you have either that iPad or that iPhone or both you can match one or both of them if you want 


If you're okay with only white not even any silver just White You can have the air pods Pro but if you want some color for your life and ears then you'll need to go with the are pods Max 


With the earpods Pro you get basic sweat and water resistance ipx4 which just means keep them out of the dust and dirt and if they get drizzled on or you work out with them dry them off ASAP

You will probably be okay also if you lose or damage one of the clip-on tips you can get a set of single size Replacements from Apple for just 8 bucks if you lose or damage a whole pod For the charging case those Replacements will run you eighty nine dollars and 99 dollars 


Respectively if the battery flakes out on you it's a free service with Apple Care or 49 bucks for either pod or the case without AppleCare the are pods Max offer no as in zero sweat or water resistance ipx nothing

Which means you need to do everything you can to keep them from getting dirty or wet and not wear them in the rain or walk sweating heavily if you lose or damage one of them genetically attached cups You can get a single side replacement for $69

For the battery It's free with Apple Care or $79 without so with the air pods Pro you get a little better protection and individual fixes are cheaper, but those little parts and add up with the air pods Max you get no protection and while fixes are more expensive


There are slightly fewer Parts you may need to fix the audio features are broadly very similar between the air pods Pro and the air pods Max 

Both have active noise cancellation with transparency mode so you can muffle out all the ambient noise around you or just let through the important stuff like conversation or traffic both have adaptive EQ so they can hear what you are hearing and adjust the audio to fit your specific fit

Both also have spatial audio with dynamic head tracking which means they can take in everything from stereo to surround sound to Dolby Atmos and build a soundstage


You then keep that stage relative to how you move your head or the iPhone or iPad you're watching on the air pods Pro have custom High Excursion drivers and dynamic range amplifiers to help you get the most possible out of those tiny pods 

where the air pods Max have custom Dynamic drivers with dual night, Neo titanium darn it neodymium ring magnets to fit those cups as crisply and cleanly as possible and they both rely on Apple's H1 system in package, basically a 10 core headphone chipset to handle all the processing for all the audio

which is just freaky freaking silicon So in other words, they're almost computationally identical for the microphones though,The pros have dual beam forming mics so you can talk as cleanly and clearly as possible and an inward facing Mike for the noise cancellation and EQ detection the max have a whopping at microphones


 For active noise cancellation two of those also do double duty to handle voice pick up for beamforming and there's a ninth Mike that just handles wind noise cancellation which is a serious escalation in hardware for a roughly similar set of features


Sensors isn't usually something you even think about for headsets but it's something Apple has been leaning incredibly heavily on for are pods in the max you have Optical and positional sensors in each cup which detect if you take them off or just pull one cup of side so it can pause and play automatically also accelerometer is in both cups and a gyroscope in the left cup which does things like sleep to save battery if they're just sitting on a table or something 

Also for all the spatial audio features in the Pro you've got dual Optical sensors for the same type of on-off detection as well as an accelerometer for the same stuff as the max 

But also a one specifically for speech detection plus a force sensor for the pinch controls so no big difference there either in functionality just an implementation for the specific devices


Now with all of this computational audio power you're going to want a ton of control, right? Well, you're going to get what Apple gives you meaning with the air pods Pro you can click on the stem to play pause or answer a call click twice to skip back or Thrice to Skip forward and that's right thrice you can also press and hold to switch from noise cancellation to transparency and back for everything else

You have to use Siri or your iPhone iPad or other connected Apple device with the air pods Max you have the digital Crown just like on the Apple watch you can turn it for volume click once to play pause or answer a call


Max have to be powered but you can't listen So basically if you want a hard line into the Matrix, you have to go Max both the air pods Pro and the air pods Max charge over lightning cable

Well the pro of ir, they're charging case and the max directly but it's still lightning that cable is USB C on the back end So you'll need a computer with a USB C port or a sold separately USB C to AC adapter to get that charge on for the pros five minutes of charging will get you 1 hour of listening for the match 

The five minutes of charging max will get you an hour and a half of listhening. Each of the pro pods can go Four and a half hours per charge with noise cancelling on and the case can hold 24 hours of charge

If you're listening to mono audio like a podcast or an audio book, you can double the duration by using one POD at a time and just alternating charging them

The max don't have a charging case just to wrap that puts them into like a deep power saving sleep,So what charge they carry is what charge you got and since the right and left are connected,You can't double dip either It's 20 hours Max on a full fresh charge. 

If maximum battery life is what you want it's actually the pros and their case that will give it to you bottom line


 If you want light almost intangible in-ear Apple air pods pro that are low key but pack a big computational punch they can be recharged or swapped all day and then some but only come in white and only cost 250 bucks


If you want classical cans with an all new computational punch that are much higher profile it will engulf you in sound and finally come in actual colours, even if they cost 550 bucks then you want the airpods Max 

You can buy Apple Airpods pro from here to and best deal activated for you

Buy From Amazon

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them on below comment box 👍


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  2. It's an informatic article
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