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How Can I Get Free Preview Products,Smartphones|A complete Illustrated Guide

How Can I Get Free Preview Products,Smartphones|A complete Illustrated Guide

Hello Everyone in this Article you will learn how to get free products and smartphones here is the complete helpful illustrated guide to get them

Everyone wants to know this thing how youtubers get free products and smartphones for preview and how can I get like them,It's not hard thing to get free preview products from different companies if you follow all these following

How to Get Free Preview Products and Smartphones:

1. Choose Specific Niche 

Before starting your YouTube video you have to thing which niche suits for you and you can deal it at your best knowledge and share to viewers

If you are Intrested in tech topics then start on tech niche or if you were intrested in cooking start in Cooking and Games etc whatever your wish and start doing Videos on them

Someone may choose one niche and do videos on another niche this makes no sense and your YT channel cannot grow fast

Try to do maximum videos on your specific niche at starting stages which helps you to reach more people and rank your videos in YouTube

2. Start Unique at Primary stage 

Many people after starting work on their niche they do search for more views videos on high number of subscribers youtube channel and decides to make a video on same topic this the big mistake many people do

At starting stage of your YouTube channel make videos on unique topics take time for research and collect data for topics which have low competition and high search volumes 

You have to increase your views and don't worry about subscribers if your video reach to many people and get more views then your subscribers also increases 

Stop Following big youtube channels that have million of subscribers they can reach people easily even it's not high volume topic if you follow them and do video on same topic at your starting stage it makes no sense 

3. Increase Your views

As I said above all you need is getting views cause it makes one of the primary reason for brand products and Smartphones to get in contact with you for their product product promotion

Research and make quality with indepth detailed videos it will rank fast and increase your views to reach more people

You can use Google keywords planner freely to research your topic and get know how much traffic that keyword getting a views

you can use Google keywords planner simply by going to google search and search google keyword planner and login with gmail,you can select any target country for that specific topic

You may also use Google search engine by alphabet method to know what people are searching for your niche topics

4. Start Small Unboxing videos

When you are getting averages views and started engaging more views try to do small Unboxing products and explain their features indepth along with their uses and how to use 

Anyone can cut box an open product and show product but how the way you unbox and your words to explain is matters here to make people interested in watching your videos 

Also make sure to use high quality camera and most importantly high quality mic to record voice cause moc is the primary important thing when it comes to easy understandable with viewers,even if you have low quality video but good audio output you can get more views 

Create your affiliate links and place them in your description to make sales and earn profit if anyone like tha product and buy from your description link 

5. Interact With Same Niche Other Youtubers

When your YouTube channel reached 10k subscribers now it's time to interact with other youtubers who have more subscribers and working on same niche and get help from them

For example if your YouTube channel is on technology then make videos with high subscribers technology channel persons and post videos on your channel 

The followers of that youtube channel members may view your videos and some of them may subscribe to your YouTube and these subscribers are from same niche but different youtube channel so there is no worry to think that you get unwanted subscribers and you won't get views from them

These typ of videos works great and makes your YT channel to know more people easily and get more subscribers within less time 
6. Create Your Best Portfolio
Portfolio is the complete details what you are best about and your achievements your experience list

Make your own portfolio ready which includes your education,project works and experience in any special along with your popular Unboxing videos and and your participation in tech programs

This is the crucial part which makes products or smartphone companies to give you their products for preview,so create your best portfolio and be ready if you once started getting more views  

7. Response to Brand/Company Interaction

As once you are getting more views and reached to required subscribers and getting constant number of views without downfall in views for your one video to another video then you are doing well

Once your channel get noticed by any even small or big brand product or Smartphones companies members and you getting more views they will contact you through your mail or comment if they liked your way if Unboxing 

When they contact you they asks you to send your portfolio and its crucial if it's were big brand or company at first they have no trust in you but if you have good portfolio then you can simply get Products or Smartphones for previews easily 

If one product or Smartphone you review in your YouTube which got from them and then your interaction to people is good and if it's reaching more people then they trust you and gives sends you next product or Smartphone when they released new ones

Even if you done preview or one product or Smartphone of one brand and you are best in review giving then that brand also recommend you for other brands to preview and other brands may contact you through mail

8. Never Try to Contact for Free Products

Many people try to contact through email by going to product description either it's Amazon, Flipkart or Bangood ...etc to get free preview product 

It makes no sense and it's hard to get like that and even they give you low amount of money if they send you to review their product and it dose t work as you think

Keep in mind to never ask or email for any product of Smartphone companies to get free preview products cause even if you are best in giving review and growing your YT channel those companies or brands will refuse your propose and leave you aside even after you reach to high level with more subscribers and more views

9. Why do brand/Companies send Preview producs 

Now the question is everyone asks me that why these companies/Brands sends Previews products and Smartphones to YouTube channels creators for review 

The main reason is if you are searching for anything in online shopping platform like Amazon if you search for example smart watch and you can see well known brand smart watches I'm results at top place and we never see scroll down and what are other products present 

Even those other non popular products are better in quality these products don't get reached to many people so they promote their products by sending them to youtube review channels and increase their sales 

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them on below comment box 👍


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