How to Fix FAU-G Your Device Isn't Compatible with this Version

Fix FAU-G Your Device Isn't Compatible with this Version 

Some Users unable to pre-register for FAU-G game and it's saying your device isn't compatible with this version, it may caused due to the app issues but not your device 

Still you can pre-register in your mobile until tha game available in playstore

How to pre-register FAU-G in mobile it showing your device isn't compatible for this service

You can pre-register by going to chrome browser and then login with your gmail and search for game Fearless and United Guards then click in tha playstore browser showing the game and it takes you to playstore in chrome browser from there you can pre-register easily without showing any error

And I again make you sure it's the problem causing due to game issues in it but not your device problem it may available to all devices if once it available in playstore 

Many users facing this problem and think that why their mobile doesn't support FAU-G but it's issue caused by game app itself soon game developers will fix this issue 

And some users will search in playstore directly FAU-G and it never shows them the original game,for the one who facing this issue you can search Fearless and United Guards full named it will show the exact original game and there you can pre-register

This is the perfect way to pre-register if your device showing error that your isn't compatible with this Version

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